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Internships shall comprise practical work in order to acquire work experience under the supervision in a work environment. An internship is not a subject to declaration in the semester’s individual study plan. For assessment of internship   student should submit an application in ois to internship coordinator (Applications/submission of application/acceptance of practice) and alsoofficially signed document from the work place and the internship report. The assessment of internship is performed by Program manager.

Internship coordinator for the curriculum is Aivi Remmelg. Internship coordinator is an advisor, who, if necessary, recommends a place for internship as well as explains and specifies the requirements for the internship. Practice training report and evaluation form of the practical training supervisor to be filled out by student and sent to Assistant of  Programme Manager Aivi Remmelg 


Information for graduates: useful material for writing and formatting thesis - IT school


  • May 1 - Check the Dean's Office that you have met all the requirements (courses, internship, etc) for defending your Master's Thesis

  • May 6 – Submit the final version of the Master’s Thesis in PDF (digitally signed container and another version separately in Word) together with Non-exclusive license for reproduction and publication of a graduation thesis (inside thesis not separately) and Meta Data (separately in Word) to anastasiia.dudko@taltech.ee, until 17:00 

  • May 6 – Deadline for submitting application for Defence in OIS

  • May 20 – make sure your supervisor has confirmed/digitally signed your application of “Defence of Graduation Thesis” in OIS 

  • June 3, 4 – Master’s Thesis Defence at 10:00 in ICT-638, ICT building

Programme advisory committee

  • Arvo Ott - expert, chairman;
  • Risto Hansen - expert;
  • Anne Muldme - expert;
  • Ingmar Pappel - expert;
  • Heiko Vainsalu - expert;
  • Koit Saarevet - expert;
  • Kedi Välba - expert;
  • Regina Erlenheim - lecturer;
  • Sadok Ben Yahia - lecturer;
  • Engel-Mari Mölder - student.