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Course offer for Exchange students

This is the course offer for Exchange students. Courses are in English, taught by TalTech.
The Learning Agreement (Example for Erasmus+ students) or Online Learning Agreement - OLA is the most important document during your studies at TalTech.
Be aware of the fact that your level of English must be at least B2. The document has to be true and show your real English skills. English is your tool to new knowledge and friends. If you don't have the tool, you will fail.

  • The chosen courses must correspond about 70% the students' curriculum and level of studies at the home university.
  • Please do not choose among 30% courses these, where are set limits to the amount of students or required professional background you don't have.
    (For example, if you are Business student, please do not choose courses from IT College. Or if you are Bachelor level Business student, please do not choose Master level Business course, where 5 students are accepted).
  • Do not choose courses you have passed at home university.
  • Follow the prerequisites. If any prerequisite is required, please highlight this course in your Academic Transcript.
  • The list of courses may change by the beginning of the semester due to unforeseen circumstances. Timetables will be available when you arrive, it may cause changes in your Learning Agreements. It's allowed to make changes in your Learning Agreement once you have arrived.
  • When you are choosing the courses, please notice that the courses ending with an exam give you a numerical grade.
    Courses ending with pass/fail assessment, don't give you a grade. Please do not choose these courses when your home university doesn't accept non-graded assessment. 
  • Master courses are offered often at weekends and in the evenings.
  • A normal workload is 30 ECTS per semester, the minimum amount of courses we accept is 15 ECTS per semester.
  • 1 ECTS=26 hours workload, both classes and individual work.
  • 1 academic hour=45 min.
  • As an Erasmus/exchange student, you cannot defend your final thesis at TalTech.
    The student cannot do individual work (including writing thesis, internship, project or any other case, when the student does not take the offered courses) at TalTech.
    It is allowed, only when the student has direct contact to the supervisor who is confirmed it by May 15th or November 15th at the latest. With contacting Professors, please present your Transcript of Records and a Motivation Letter with your work plan (for that Professor, whom you are going to send your documents), language Certificate at the minimum of B2 level, only confirmed supervision applications will be accepted.
  • Course offers are updated twice a year, a month before 15th of May for Autumn Semester and a month before 15th of November for Spring Semester. When you are coming for both Semesters we are able to confirm only Autumn Semester courses at application Spring.

Course offer for Spring 2023

The course offer is updated on November 23rd, 2023.

Exchange Studies, Courses in English

Course Offer Autumn 2022

Course offer for Autumn 2023 will be ready in the middle of April 2023. Meanwhile you may look this offer, as the new will be similar.

Exchange Studies, Courses in English