Tallinn University of Technology

Naval Architecture and Hydrodynamics

The growing market of small crafts anticipates the use of novel technologies to make them more environmentally friendly and consume less fuel. Small Craft Competence Centre (SCC) supports development of small craft sector with following expertise and research: computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of ships and small crafts, hull form and structural design, hull resistance estimations, and model testing of small crafts.

An important area is the topic of spray rails, for which experimental tests in the pool and software experiments with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) will be continued. The work done at SCC during the last two years has created considerable CFD competence in Estonia. Research is mainly conducted in the lead of tenure professor Mihkel Kõrgesaar of naval architecture under Marine technology and hydrodynamics research group.

In 2019, the Small Craft Competence Center, where the only ship model test pool in the Baltic States is located, was designated by the Ministry of Education and Research and the Estonian Research Agency as a nationally important research infrastructure unit on the Estonian research infrastructure roadmap.