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About the Academy

Estonian Maritime Academy, a structural unit of Tallinn University of Technology, provides multi-level education and does professional research in marine sciences and fields related to them, making it the only competence centre of its kind in Estonia. There are 4 higher education programmes of applied studies, one master’s and one doctoral study programme. 

Study programmes

Estonian Maritime Academy has 4 higher education programmes, one master's programme and doctoral study programme. Our study programmes are taught in Estonian except for the doctorate which is in English. Follow the link to find detailed descriptions of our study programmes.


Doctoral studies

TalTech welcomes applications for doctoral programmes from applicants who had master's degree or equivalent level qualifications. Doctoral studies at TalTech are available free of charge. There is one doctoral programme run by TalTech Estonian Maritime Academy in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering. 



The Estonian Maritime Academy's Marine Training Centre organises courses, seminars and conferences in the field of maritime studies for seafarers and all those interested in maritime studies. The Marine Training Centre also cooperates with companies to offer tailored courses.

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The focus areas to conduct research in Estonian Maritime Academy are tightly connected to the taught specialties. The aim is to contribute to the development of the maritime sector in Estonia and the Baltic Sea region through applied research and projects.

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The experts of Estonian Maritime Academy have been involved in different international co-operation projects in different fields, for example, raising the level of expertise and management of oil spill response, analyzing cargo flows, maritime transportation and cluster, development of the maritime education etc 



The Simulator Centre enables us to take advantage of high tech solutions in providing a first class maritime education. It is the only Simulator Centre with maritime focus in Estonia, and it features bridge, maritime communication, engine room, refrigeration training, marine pollution control, PISCES II and other simulators.



Meremees is an Estonian maritime magazine published by the Estonian Maritime Academy of TalTech. The publishing of the magazine is supported by the academy, its co-partners and companies in the maritime sector.

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