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About the magazine

Meremees is an Estonian maritime magazine published by the Estonian Maritime Academy of TalTech. The publishing of the magazine is supported by the academy, its co-partners and companies in the maritime sector.

The first issue of Meremees was published on August 8, 1989. Over 300 issues have been published already – in different formats and by several publishers, but still consistently. In 2019 the magazine celebrated its 30th publishing year.

Although there are few boating magazines for hobby-sailors in Estonia, Meremees is the only publication focusing on the topics of maritime industry on professional level. Meremees is unique due to its content that can not be read from other publications – articles of maritime politics, education and training, safety and security, environment, literature, history and industry are published in Meremees for maritime professionals and fans.

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Meremees is published quarterly – in March, June, September and December. Meremees magazine is laid out on 32-36 pages.

From the beginning of 2017 Meremees could be read from the digital publishing platform issuu.com (issuu.com/ajakirimeremees) free of charge. For example, issues of Meremees published in 2017 have had ca 10 000 total reads in issuu.com, ca 70 000 impressions have been made and the total reading time of these issues have been 55 days.

About 500 copies are printed quarterly. It is possible to order printed copies via KE Journalism site and single numbers are sold in Seaplane Harbour of Estonian Maritime Museum. Printed copies are also distributed to co-partners, organizations and companies in the maritime sector – over 50 recipients of Estonian maritime cluster. The newsletter of fresh issue is sent to the students and employees of Estonian Maritime Academy and its co-partners and companies each time the new issue has been published.

Sponsorship conditions

Logos of sponsors are published on the inner front cover of the magazine. Logos are placed by the ranking of sponsorship amounts – major sponsors on top of the page and vice versa. Yearly price of sponsorship logo (published in each issue of four) starts from 1000 € and the price of uppermost logo exceeds 5000 €. Sponsorship amount is a question of negotiation.

Advertising rates and specifications

Advertising rates and specifications could be found from the following table:

Size Placement Measures [mm] Price [EUR]

Inner cover back or outer cover back

(determined by Editorial Board)

210 × 297 + 3 (bleed) 1000

Free placement

(determined by Editorial Board)

210 × 148.5 + 3 (bleed) 500

Inner pages:

4/4-print, silk 115 g/m²


Saddle Stitching

File type:





4/4-print, silk 200 g/m²


Full color

Language: Text of advertisement should be in Estonian*

*In case of need, translation by Editorial Board will be charged extra.