Tallinn University of Technology

Quantitative Economic Research Centre (KMUK) invites you to participate on the seminar on Thu, 21st April at 11-13 SOC-413/TEAMS. The seminar discusses the analytic infrastructure available and in development for quantitative research in economics, business or other social sciences. Our analytic research infrastructure already supports commonly used freeware (e.g. R/RStudio, Phyton ), but also valuable and globally broadly used research software such as MatLab and STATA. The High Performance Computing Centre has made progress in developing tools for the support of big data or computing intense quantitative research projects.


  • Head of High Performance Computing Centre, Lauri Anton, update on recent developments and on plans of his team
  • Tõnn Talpsepp introduces and provides examples on the current capabilities
  • NEW! Germo Väli Division of Marine Physics, Department of Marine Systems and

Tanel Alumäe from Laboratory of Language Technology, Department of Software Science share their research experience in using HPC resources

  • Questions and answers, user insights and expectations

The seminar is organized in hybrid form, please register on the form here and please let us know about online or on-site attendance in SOC-413. Mari Ellermaa, mari.ellermaa@taltech.ee provides her unreserved organizational support.

We hope for your active participation and keen interest in quantitative research cooperation

For online meeting please join via MSTeams link: LINK

Kadri Männasoo and Tõnn Talpsepp

Quantitative Economic Research Centre (KMUK), Department of Economics and Finance

kadri.mannasoo@taltech.ee and tonn.talpsepp@taltech.ee