Tallinn University of Technology

The EuroTeQaThon is the highlight of the EuroTeQ Collider project and concludes the implementation of the challenge-based teaching format in an event of all six partner universities. Three teams from TalTech will participate. EuroTeQaThon will take place on June 10-12.

After the winning teams in the three categories CITIES, CONSUMPTION and ENERGY have been successfully determined by the six universities at their individual locations in May 2022, they are invited to further develop their concepts and compete in an international context during the EuroTeQaThon weekend.

Learn more about the TalTech winning teams here

Two universities will be represented at each location and will be centrally connected via the Munich location. TalTech is at DTU, L'X at TU/e and CTU is going to TUM. From Friday afternoon to Sunday noon, participants will

  • present their status quo,
  • define their goals for the weekend and beyond
  • develop their first concrete strategies.

The concepts and, in some cases, initial prototypes developed in the Collider are subject to the requirement to live up to the theme of the first Collider, "Leave no Waste behind”. The ideas developed can be based on a scientific question, grow into a start-up business model as an innovative idea, or serve as the basis for a sustainable student initiative.

The winning teams of the EuroTeQaThon can look forward to a joint trip to Brussels from June 20-21, 2022. The up to fifteen participants will meet representatives of the European Commission and exchange ideas with them, where they will present their winning concepts.

Learn more about EuroTeQaThon and see the agenda (please notice that the times in the agenda are in CEST).

EuroTeQaThon is broadcasted online.

EuroTeQ Engineering University is a 3-year collaboration project between a number of universities across Europe, which aims to set up systematic and sustainable collaborations in teaching activities. The project will establish joint study programmes across different disciplines, sectors, and national borders.

The EuroTeQ Engineering University project is co-financed by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.