Tallinn University of Technology

On Thursday, 14 December, starting at 10:00 in room ICT-A1 the talk "Digital Bridges: Enhancing Co-Creation in Public Administration through Innovative Stakeholder Engagement" by Doc. Dr. Tina Jukić from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Abstract: Co-creation helps you think out of the box. It transforms your understanding of a problem and opens new pathways to creative solutions. It is the best recipe for innovation, creation of public value, and better public services.  This talk covers the development of co-creation in the context of public administration and presentation of the Co-Gov toolkit (https://www.cogov-toolkit.eu/home). The Co-Gov toolkit is a free of charge and simple-to-use toolkit that provides holistic support to organisations in implementing co-creation. The four tools of the Co-Gov toolkit help (i) assess your organisation’s readiness for co-creation (Co-Ready tool); (ii) select the public services to be renewed through co-creation (Co-Serve tool); (iii) renew a public service through co-creation (Co-Renew tool); and (iv) assess the quality of the co-creation process during renewal (Co-Master tool).

About the Speaker: Tina Jukić is an associate professor in the field of Informatics in Public Administration at the Faculty of Public Administration, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She teaches courses on the Informatization of Business Processes in Public Administration; Methods, Techniques, and Tools for Business Process Renovation; Development of Information Systems, among others. Her research focuses on various aspects of digitalization in public administration, recently emphasizing open data in the public sector and digital support for co-creation by public administration organizations with their stakeholders. She and her colleagues have recently received the national "Excellent in Science" award from the Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency for an article presenting the methodological design of one of these tools. Additionally, she has been involved in numerous research and development projects in the field of public administration digitalization, both as a project leader and researcher. In the winter of 2022, she was as a Visiting Scholar at the KU Leuven, Public Governance Institute. The University of Ljubljana has also awarded her for her exceptional achievements as a young higher education teacher.

NB! Doc. Dr. Tina Jukić is also opponent of the PhD thesis of Sidra Azmat Butt "A Digital Collaborative Platform to Facilitate Innovative Solutions for the Silver Economy" and will participate in the defence of the thesis as a defence committee member. The defence takes place on December 14, 2023 starting at 14.00 in room ICT-315.