Tallinn University of Technology

"Let's meet in the library!" has been the motto of national library days for a while now. The year of libraries and current situations in our society gives a reason to interpret it again and more deeply. The events, trainings and other activities planned for this year will mainly reflect three topics: integration between languages ​​and cultures, information literacy and development of discussion culture.

17 October – 20 November
Reading corner "The Diverse World of Languages" at the 2nd floor entrance area of the library. The reading corner gives a good opportunity to take time out for a moment and browse through language and culture books from the collections of the TalTech library.

20 – 30 October
On the library’s 2nd floor you can find a display of books “See through the fake news” dedicated to disinformation and borrow a book you find interesting right away.

1 – 31 October
The exhibition "Investing – a Rocky Road to Financial Freedom" on the library’s 2nd floor reading area. The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce investing as a way to achieve greater financial freedom. The books displayed in the exhibition provide an overview of the main investment opportunities for private individuals in the areas of ​​shares, real estate and crypto-assets. Additionally there are books introducing financial literacy and psychology, as well as textbooks on finance and investments that are used in teaching at the TalTech University on display.

20 – 31 October
Tõnu Talivee’s photo exhibition „Rock.ee“ in the library’s glass gallery. The photos are taken at events where Tõnu has been invited to or attended and do not reflect all the most important events or bands of Estonian rock music, only a part of it. The exciting photo journey is complemented by items from the collection of the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum and from private collections that relate with the images

24 – 30 October
Is taking place International Open Access Week and its aim is to introduce and increase the use and publication of open access scientific information. Specialists in open science and data management are waiting everyone interested in the information corner at the entrance of the library for consultation every day from 13:00 to 14:00. In addition, we have planned the most trainings on Tuesday, October 25. The exact week schedule can be found from library’s webpage.

Let's meet in the library!