Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech Estonian Maritime Academy is organizing a maritime hackathon for the fourth time in the fall of 2024 to find sustainable and environmentally friendly future solutions.

The date of the Vol4 hackathon is September 13, 2024, and this time the theme is GREEN CORRIDOR - digitalization as part of the green revolution. The focus is on the Tallinn - Helsinki and Muuga - Vuosaari corridors.

MarineHäkk 2024

Hackathon is intended for Estonian Maritime Academy and TalTech students, lecturers, researchers, top experts and developers. Challenges are expected from maritime companies, partners, visionaries and engineers.

Companies have the opportunity to share industry bottlenecks and specific problems with the teams participating in the hackathon, who will begin to solve challenges in collaboration with researchers, visionaries, top business experts and industry representatives. It is a unique opportunity to reach from the idea phase to the creation of an MVP within 12 hours and to enter into cooperation to fulfill the priority goals of the company.

Solve the challenges of the green corridor and find a new business idea or research topic!

TalTech and the Port of Tallinn are cooperating to find solutions to the problems standing in the way of the development of the Tallinn-Helsinki green corridor. We have collectively identified eight bottlenecks that TalTech students and researchers could alleviate by joining forces.

As a result of joint brainstorming, teams reach practical results, create companies around ideas and/or use the experience gained as an input for planning research topics. We form a team around each challenge, which can already start thinking about potential solutions in the summer! In order to meet your new teammates early on and start an exchange of ideas,


The brainstorming culminates with the MarineHäkk hackathon on September 13, where all formed teams gather for 12 hours at the Estonian Maritime Academy to reach a solution to the challenge with the help of mentors and experts. Technicians using on-site equipment, experienced business mentors, and experts from the maritime sector will help in the development of the solution. Representatives of the Port of Tallinn, as the main partner of this year's MarineHäkk, will certainly be present.


  1. Traffic flow management in the port. Keywords: avoiding truck traffic jams, quickly directing cars from the ship to the city center, regulating taxi access.
  2. Popularization of the use of light transport vehicles. Keywords: waiting pavilions, loading areas for vehicles, traffic flow management, marketing campaign.
  3. Motivating waste sorting. Keywords: drawing attention to sorting, creating a good sorting system, cup circulation, smokestacks.
  4. Creation of a rental company for CO2-free port equipment. Keywords: analysis of equipment rental opportunities for current operators.
  5. Creation of a unified data exchange system for companies using the port. Keywords: new system, single window, just in time, data protection, interface, user comfort.
  6. Air quality measurement in ships and ports. Keywords: sensors, dashboard, CO2, CO, nitrogen, humidity, sulfur, wind direction.
  7. Creating a marina booking and payment solution. Keywords: driving to the marina, user comfort, booking a place at the quay, payment solution.
  8. Increasing the durability of quay materials. Keywords: erosion, life of materials.

The challenges are all current bottlenecks, and as a result of them, it is possible to propose solutions that the Port of Tallinn or other parties related to the green corridor would really like to implement. If desired, the teams can create a company around the developed solution, offering the solution in the future both in Estonia and abroad.

The best teams get funding to develop their solution!

If you want to take part in the development of world-changing solutions in the maritime field, creating value in the development of the field and supporting an environmentally friendly approach, we are waiting for you at the hackathon!