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Student Portal

The student portal (student.taltech.ee) is a channel assembling all of the information a student needs to support studies –
timetable, examination times, contacts, news and much more.

The portal has all of the information supporting studies at the university, and references to other systems and portals readily available.
The information is personal and divided into blocks by subjects. The UNI-ID can be used to log in to the portal. You will get it around Welcome Week.

Check out the Student Portal at:


What to do?

  • Mix and match your personal timetable, using the web based study system ÕIS2, https://ois2.ttu.ee Timetable is accessable without password.
  • Visit the lectures from the first Monday after the Welcome Week.
  • You will get the first login username and password to UNI-ID to your e-mail.
    Information for new student
    UNI-ID password recovery guide
  • Until course registration day you may visit lectures without registration! In this case, the Lecturers cannot send notifications to you.
  • Register for the courses at Study Information System (OIS2) Video Guide is here
  • When the course registration deadline is over,  it is time to change your Learning Agreement, if necessary
  • If you did not take part of Welcome Week, read presentations at Welcome Week's web page, ask questions from your friends, lecturers and Mobility Centre. Come and pick up your Welcome folder from Mobility Centre.
  • Purchase smartcard for public transportation
  • EU students have to register their residence in Tallinn (once you have received your rental contract) and apply for Estonian ID card (EU citizens). Not required for students with visas and non-EU students coming with other EU residence cards.
  • Don’t forget to STUDY!
    Tallinn University of Technology

ESN TalTech International Club

TalTech IC tutors are open minded, friendly and helpful TalTech students, who are prepared to assist foreign students and arrange events for you.
In the beginning of every semester all the applicants will get the e-mail from them and you will get their FB group address for the semester.

  1. Drop by our office at TalTech main building (room U01-225) we are open from 12 - 17 during weekdays. There you can get your ESNcard (click here for more info), candies, and your Erasmus gift 😉. To get your ESNcard you need to get 15 euros in cash and a small printed photo (don't worry if you don't have it printed).
  2. Follow us on our social media channels to get information about our events and to keep you up to date: Facebook page: facebook.com/esntaltechic/

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/577906014044697 (Spring  2023)

WhatsApp group where you can ask questions: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IdJvl25cIKr0ib86kIYPeQ (Spring 2023)
and follow us on Instagram @esntaltechic: instagram.com/esntaltechic/ 

  1. ESN TalTech International Club is ready to provide you with a Buddy specially assigned to you! Your buddy will be a volunteer, who can assist you with your questions and even become one of your friends in town. 


Staying in self-isolation means that a person cannot leave their place of residence within 5 days, except at the order of a health care worker or police officer or for essential trips. For example, you can leave your home if your life is in danger or you need medical care, you need to renew food supplies, buy essential goods, purchase medicines. In all these cases, contact with other people must be avoided. Therefore, you cannot go to work, study or go hiking on a populated hiking trail. But you can go running or ride a bike, for example, if you do it without coming into contact with other people.

To find the accommodation for self-isolation period we suggest ask from the Academic hostel info@academichostel.com, use Airbnb services or search from FB.

At home: get acquainted to TalTech, Tallinn, Estonia 
Check, do you have working internet, electronic devices for studies.
Start with online Orientation Days and studies from January 26th.

It is possible to order medications online. Key word is "apteek". Also the biggest supermarkets bring the food to home.
While staying at home, it's super easy to order food from different restaurants, bars, cafeterias using couriers.

If your health suddenly deteriorates, call the emergency number 112. NB! When making the phone call, please provide information of your contact with an infected person. If you display any symptoms, please do not go to the emergency department or to the family physician yourself, request for treatment advice and instructions via telephone 1220 (15-17 in English).
Inform TalTech incoming@taltech.ee

More Corona information: https://www.kriis.ee/en
Estonian Public Broadcasting https://news.err.ee/

What to do in self-isolation?
Until the Semester has not started, then prepare yourself for life in Estonia, read materials about TalTech, Tallinn, Estonia. Go to walking, cook. If you have any questions, write to us kerti.sonmez@taltech.ee or incoming@taltech.ee