Tallinn University of Technology

PhD Researchers

  • Rozha Ahmed. Implementation of e-Court Systems.
  • Sidra Butt. AI-Automatization of Document Management Systems.
  • Markus Bertl. Predicting Mental Illness with Text as Data: a Text Mining Approach
  • Vipin Deval. Developing a legally relevant smart-contract language.
  • Abhishek Dixit. Decentralized P2P commerce with blockchains.
  • Vimal Kumar Dwivedi. Democratized proof of stake with mobile smart contracts.
  • Silvia Lips. Cybersecurity Governance and Change Managment.
  • Janek Metsallik. Maturity Models for e-Health Systems.
  • Chahinez Ounoughi. Urban Traffic: Data Fusion and Vehicle Flow Prediction in Smart Cities.
  • Vishwajeet Pattanaik. Web Weaving and Open Linked Data.
  • Shweta Suran. Collective Intelligence Systems.
  • Valentyna Tsap. Comparative Analysis of eID Systems.
  • Rahul Sharma. Generalized Association Rule Mining – Improving Measures
  • Minakshi Kauhsik. Generalized Association Rule Mining – Dimensional Unsupervised Learning
  • Sijo Arakkal Peious. Generalized Association Rule Mining – Performant Implementation
  • Mahtab Shahin. Generalized Association Rule Mining – Big Data Integration