Tallinn University of Technology

Doctoral Studies


International postgraduates are welcome to do their doctoral studies at TUT. As a PhD student at the Information Systems Group you become a member of our team. You get involved into exciting projects and your career will benefit from our extensive network.

A doctoral programme requires in total 240 ECTS.

The nominal study load per semester according to the curriculum shall be 30 European credit points (30 ECTS credits). A student may carry a full-time or partial load. Upon enrollment to TUT, a student shall specify the study load (full or partial) in the first academic year.

Full-load study requires that a student accumulate at least 22,5 ECTS credits on a cumulative basis while partial-study load requires at least 15-22 ECTS credits on a cumulative basis under the individual study plan by the end of each academic year for each semester attended.

Students pursuing doctoral studies shall be designated a study load (full or partial) at the end of academic year accreditation.

The PhD programme consists of a study courses equivalent to 55-60 ECTS and an independent scientific project, which ends with a public defense of PhD thesis.

The doctor´s degree awarded at TUT is called Doctor of Philosophy, in brackets followed by a name of the narrower curricular specialization.

Tuition fee is waived for all PhD students.

Each PhD candidate is individually advised by an appropriate faculty member.

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