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Estonia is a small Nordic country that has become one of the hottest start-up hubs in Europe with the highest number of unicorns per capita in Europe. Technological innovation and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand in Estonia. E-residency, e-voting and digital signature are only a few examples of the digital nation. 99% of the public services are available online 24/7. In this innovative environment, you might just find your future.

Tallinn old town
Tallinn - the capital of Estonia

The flagship programme of TalTech School of Business and Governance is the Entrepreneurial Management MBA programme, specially designed for participants from the Baltic states and the Nordic countries. It develops participants leadership skills to become successful top managers in international companies. The programme provides a good blend of theoretical knowledge combined with practical results-oriented training.  

The MBA programme is aimed at ambitious and development-oriented people that hold a bachelor's degree in economics, engineering, information technology or natural sciences and have at least three years of work experience. “We are looking for people who see an opportunity to join the management, but feel the need to develop their entrepreneurial and management skills in an increasingly digital and international world,” introduces Martin Toding, the programme manager and lecturer in entrepreneurship.

TalTechi linnak
The campus of TalTech

Although the 1.5-year programme is shorter than a regular MBA programme, it will be carried out in full. Writing a master´s thesis is usually completed at the end of the programme and is often left unfinished due to lack of time. In this programme, the master's thesis is completed step by step within a year and a half. “Classroom teaching is scheduled for three days a month and a large part of studies is conducted online and independently. We have balanced the proportion of theory and practice to make the programme educational, supportive, flexible, and personal. The theoretical and practical aspects of the studies are logically connected: the teaching and learning process includes writing a project based on a company, preferably where the participant works, which will be developed into a master's thesis,” explains Toding.

The international study group is made up of about 30 students who will share their work and study experience gained in different industries and parts of the world, thus enabling to establish an excellent network for the future. In addition to the field of business and economics, TalTech is also well known for the high quality of teaching IT and business and technology law, which will give learners an opportunity to expand their horizons in completely new directions.


A personal mentor will support the participants´ self-development

Each participant’s professional career goals are supported by a personal mentor who will help to complete a practical, applicable, realistic, and logical master's thesis. "The mentor supports the student's individual development throughout three semesters, helping to find out where the learners want to reach, what skills and knowledge they need to develop, and what requires more attention," says Toding. The support of a personal mentor is considered as one of the most rewarding elements of the programme by the participants. “My mentor helped me to understand what I truly want to achieve in my career. Oddly enough it is difficult to figure out by oneself. Mentoring helps you to understand who you are as a leader and bounds together everything that you have learned. The impact is so transformative that you feel like a child who has just learned how to walk,” explains Kristi Säälik, participant of the MBA programme.

At TalTech, you will join a community which supports growth mindset. Don’t hesitate to follow them and apply now!

MBA programme

  • specially designed for the Baltic States and Nordic countries
  • personal mentor for each participant
  • investment in the future – higher management competencies bring a higher income 
  • flexible study arrangement - one three-day classroom study session per month, complemented by online sessions
  • can be completed within 1.5 years
  • provides a good balance between theory and practice
  • international and interdisciplinary group
  • tuition fee is 3,000 per semester (1-3 semesters, and €1,650 for the 4th semester)

Admissions are already open! Deadline for citizens from EU/EEA countries is June 1st.

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