Tallinn University of Technology

TaTech students have an unique opportunity to apply for the course "Ethics of Responsibility – An Introduction to Applied Science" at the Technical University of Munich. In total, up to 10 students from the universities belonging to the EuroTeQ project will be selected for this opportunity. The application must be submitted by 11. November.

Background: For some years now, a constant interest of students from the natural and engineering sciences has been observable with regard to normative questions of social and ethical evaluation of natural and technical sciences. In view of this interest, seminars on applied ethics have been offered regularly at the TUM for about 10 years and have been in great demand.

Target group: Students of natural and technical sciences without previous philosophical knowledge from different disciplines or faculties. Due to the different courses of study of the TUM participants, the courses are always interdisciplinary in terms of students and content.

Objectives / goals: Students should be enabled to analyse and classify different forms of expression of normative-ethical judgements with regard to the underlying ethical positions, to identify possibilities and limits of philosophical ethics in a well-founded method, to acquire knowledge regarding the complexity of applied ethics with respect to different fields of application and to formulate their own judgement based on arguments.

In addition to the acquisition of basic philosophical-ethical knowledge and its application within applied ethics in the context of different fields of engineering sciences, the acquisition of reflexive-discursive skills should in particular enable the development of competences in judgement based on responsible ethics.

Contents: General introduction to philosophical ethics as well as applied ethics and its application to different disciplines by means of case studies (e.g. bioethics, environmental ethics, information ethics, roboethics etc.).

Format: In order to realize the timeliest course offerings in this winter semester, a hybrid format with asynchronous (online videos / Moodle) and synchronous (Zoom) teaching units was chosen. A MOOC version of the course by interdisciplinary cooperation with other faculties (e.g. BGU at TUM / Dr. Eva Sandmann) is planned for the summer semester 2021.

The first two seminar dates will be offered in addition online (asynchronous teaching) in the form of videos, so that later active participation (from 10th of Dec.) is also possible. The further course dates are planned by synchronous zoom appointments, which require a virtual attendance of the students in the form of group presentations with discussions.

Participation: In addition to TUM students, a maximum of 10 students from the EuroTeQ Engineering Universities can participate in the course. A short letter of motivation from the students forms the basis for the selection respectively invitation to the seminar. The letter of motivation should be sent by 11th of Nov. to: victoria.bauer@tum.de.
All participants are expected to give a presentation during the course (presentation (ECTS: 2), additional essay (ECTS: 3)).

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