Tallinn University of Technology

Students of mechanical engineering at TalTech have the opportunity to choose courses in Mechanical Engineering from the EuroTeQ course catalogue. Partner universities offer both online and hybrid learning courses, most of which are intended for master’s students.


EuroTeQ partner universities have made efforts to ensure that the courses included in the course catalogue are compatible with the various Mechanical Engineering study programmes. TalTech submitted its Mechatronics (MAHM) master’s study programme to the evaluation process, but the Mechanical Engineering courses can also be applied for by the students of all other programmes. Where compatible, they can be counted towards the completion of the programme. Before choosing a course, be sure to discuss the possibilities for transferring and recognising the credit points with your programme director.

See here for more information about the Mechanical Engineering courses that have already been evaluated for compatibility with the Mechatronics study programme. Before applying, make sure to check the prerequisites.

Other EuroTeQ courses can be viewed here.

Students of TalTech have the unique opportunity to take e-learning subjects as visiting students for the autumn semester from top European technical universities, which together with TalTech belong to the EuroTeQ Engineering University alliance. The deadline for applications is 20 June. Instructions can be found here.

EuroTeQ Engineering University is a 3-year collaboration project between a number of universities across Europe, which aims to set up systematic and sustainable collaborations in teaching activities. The project will establish joint subjects and study programmes at different levels of education across disciplines, sectors, and national borders.

The EuroTeQ Engineering University project is co-financed by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.