Tallinn University of Technology

Need a book but can’t come to the library? TalTech Library offers delivery of borrowed books to your nearest DPD parcel locker. NB! The service is offered only in Estonia and it is a paid service.

The service can be used by TalTech Library members who are older than 16 years (register as a user at the library’s web page). The reader submits their request by filling out a web form. After library staff has received the request, they will check whether the items are available and places a hold on the books. The reader receives a confirmation e-mail with book reservation information and bank requisites to pay for the service. The price for one package is 4 euros.  

When the library receives the payment, the books will be borrowed on the reader’s account and the courier will be asked to pick up the package. DPD will notify the reader via SMS or e-mail message when the package reaches the parcel locker.   

NB! It is possible to order books whose location in the online catalogue ESTER is TalTech Library (Akadeemia tee 1, Tallinn). The books’ status in the catalogue must be “AVAILABLE”. No books from TalTech EMERA, TalTech Tartu College Library, TalTech Virumaa College Library collections will be delivered.

More information about the service 

Contact: Maris Nool
Phone 620 3572