Tallinn University of Technology

The admission of students to the open university of the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is still open. As of 23 August, 510 people wish to start their studies in the autumn. The deadline to submit documents is 26 August.

Kristjan Hirmo: diplom vääris pingutust!

The most popular micro-degree programmes of the open university are programming (160 applications) and business processes in digital society (24 applications). Marketing, service design, material recovery and eco design, distributed generation, basic skills of cybersecurity management and sustainable furniture design have also attracted interest.

Micro-degrees have significantly increased people’s interest in continuing their studies at the university, and suitable study programmes and individual courses can still be applied for this week. Open university studies take place alongside students and are subject to a tuition fee.

At the open university, you can choose from nearly 1000 engineering, IT, natural science, economics and maritime courses. The open university welcomes both young people who did not get accepted into university this summer and adults who want to further themselves in their profession or obtain knowledge in a new field.

Open studies are suitable for people who have at least secondary education and who want to determine the pace and extent of their studies themselves – you can complete an entire bachelor’s or master’s curriculum, search for individual courses, create an individual study plan or select courses that interest you from multiple study programmes.