Tallinn University of Technology

Last week, International Student Barometer (ISB) announced the 2019 survey results that evaluated the satisfaction of international students in their host universities around the world. 

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The survey involved higher education institutions in 183 countries, along with 48 in Europe and 8 in Estonia. Over 700 full-time Bachelor, Master and PhD, as well as exchange students of TalTech from the EU and non-EU countries participated in the survey.

The questionnaire covered the topics of decision making, arrival, learning, living, support, recommendation, employability and wellbeing of the students. It showed that 82% of TalTech students would recommend the university to people, which is higher than overall outcome on the European (78%) and global level (79%).

Above all, 88% survey participants said they were satisfied with their experience at TalTech rating the cost of study, cost of living, future career impact, earning potential and personal safety at the highest mark.

In addition, the questionnaire revealed that most of the TalTech students were satisfied with the arrival experience and orientation course (88%), as well as research quality (85%), expert lecturers (89%), accommodation (83%), finance office (95%), campus environment (95%), sports facilities (87%), transport links (93%) and safety (96%)

The survey has also shown that TalTech needs to further develop the counselling services and improve the satisfaction of the international students with social activities, which may facilitate better communication with host friends too. It is important to mention that overall 91% of students are satisfied with living in Estonia and feel welcome here.

ISB provides the most reputable and acknowledged evaluation of the satisfaction of international students in their host universities. Currently, TalTech teaches a number of degree programmes in English, including 4 Bachelor’s and 16 Master’s programmes. There are up to 1700 international students from over 100 countries at the university, which makes it the most international higher education institution in Estonia.