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In the light of future EuroTeQ Engineering University cooperation, TalTech students will be able to participate in virtual courses and challenges at EuroTech partner universities. This is a great opportunity to take part in a course at Europe's top technical universities and earn credits. Learn more about EuroTeQ Engineering University cooperation.

EuroTech partners – Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Denmark,  Eindhoven University of TechnologyEcole Polytechnique – begin to offer all EuroTech students selected virtual courses and challenges in EuroTech's focus areas. Although student mobility is still limited, intercultural learning is more relevant than ever. For this reason, students are invited to meet virtually.

These offers are open for students from all six EuroTech partner universities. In light of the future collaboration in the EuroTeQ Engineering University, students from TalTech and CTU are invited to join as well.

Join selected courses
Some partner universities offer access to specialized online courses you can now join. Active participation and a successful exam can be rewarded with a EuroTech certificate showing workload and ECTS credits. Please talk to your home university about transfer of credits early on.

Virtual Challenges
Three virtual challenges will offer interesting project work with student teams of all partners. Mentored by a professor in the field, student teams will have a lot of creativity to approach the challenge and compete for the best solution. The completion will be awarded with a EuroTech certificate for 3 ECTS. Accompanying intercultural training sessions grant additional 2 ECTS and certify intercultural competences.

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