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Today’s guest Kirsten Woods  is a student of International Business Administration program, who has roots in Estonia but lived her entire life in Virginia, US.

Rahvusvahelise ärijuhtimise programm

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Kirsten is sharing that one of the main reasons she decided to come study in TalTech in the first place was the community: „ Community and being involved with other students was a really big deal for me. I saw that TalTech was doing their inperson studies and having the sense of community within the program. That is why I started thinking about studying in Estonia“.

She says that TalTech also stood out for her because they had everything that interested her and especially the whole international side of things was really exciting:„ I have met so many different people and that has been the biggest shock to find out how big and diverse the group is. I have friends from Spain, Latin-America, Germany, Armenia and of corse Estonia now“.

Estonia has treated Kirsten well and the weather has been a nice suprise:

„ I love the weather here because nothing beats how magical it felt in the winter when you wake up in the morning and there is a fresh blankett of snow on the ground. People in Estonia are outside all the time. There are many activities that involve natuure. It’s really easy to intgrate and interact with people because everyone speaks English“.

She continues to explain how practical her studies have been:

„ The startup rate per capita in Estonia is very impressive. I registered my business in 15 minutes here. Everything we are learning is so practical, so I have been able to apply in my business and everyday life“.

Learn more about International Business Administration: taltech.ee/sisseastuja/bakalaureuseoppe-erialad/rahvusvaheline-arikorraldus