Tallinn University of Technology

On Saturday, December 10, the best young cyber defense talent was announced. The Bronze Night-themed hacking competition CyberSpike was won by TalTech applied physics student Ergo Adams, who also works in the student formula team alongside the school.

Pronksiöö teemalise häkkimisvõistluse KüberNaaskel võitis TalTechi rakendusfüüsika tudeng Ergo Adams.
Ergo Adams, winner of the CyberSpike competition.

For contest organizer Birgy Lorenz, senior researcher in Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security at TalTech, this year's contest was special and historic for a reason. "If we create simulations on current topics that create connections with our experience and history, then our young talents and the public will also learn from it," said Lorenz. She added that in 2007 (when Bronze Night events took place) everything was much easier than today, but by remembering the past, we can create a better future.

The winner of the competition, Ergo Adams, liked the theme of the tasks the most in the competition, which created excitement. At first it was difficult for him to find the right approach to tasks, but when he understood the goals, it was easier to solve. "I advise next year's competitors to take it easy. You have to enjoy yourself and learn as much as possible from the tasks," said Adams, who in the future sees himself somewhere writing code or developing some technology. "Why not do both at the same time!"

In the competition, Jasper Rebane (RangeForce) won the second place and Jan Hendrik Jõgi (Tallinn Secondary School of Science) won the third place, who has been among the first in the CyberSpike competition for several times and has redeemed the invitation to study at Tallinn University of Technology.

According to the legend, the participant of the competition was a secret assistant of the cyber defense unit of the Estonian Defense League, who is called as an expert to help both state and private companies to maintain the necessary services, patch servers and find bad guys who are inside the systems. The goal was to help solve all the problems that are brought to the contestant's table, thereby protecting the Estonian state - the e-state of Estonia.

The CyberSpike competition is supported by the Ministry of Defense and technically supported by CTF Tech. The Cyber Olympics project is managed by TalTech. The CyberOlympics project won the National Science Popularizer Award in 2022.