Tallinn University of Technology


The employees of the laboratory are always keeping a watch on the tendencies of new testing methods working out and develop equipment park according to those.


Extract of the most important equipment in the laboratory:

  •     Pyrolysis Reactor
  •     Total sulfur analyzer UV (up to 500 ppm Mitsubishi TS-100)
  •     Cutting Mill SM 300 RETSCH
  •     Jaw Crusher BB 300 – RETSCH
  •     Planetary Ball Mill PM 100 CM – RETSCH
  •     Mastersizer 3000 laser particle size analyzer up to 1500 µm
  •     Nikon SMZ25 Motorised Stereo Microscope, zoom up to 315x
  •     Thermogravimetric Analyzer (Mettler-Toledo  TGA 1)
  •     Agilent 4100 Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer
  •     Elemental Analyzer vario MACRO cube (for C, H, N, C, Cl, TIC determination)
  •     Elemental Analyzer ECS4010 for Oxygen determination
  •     Total organic carbon (TOC and DOC) Analyzer
  •     ETHOS 1 - Advanced Microwave Digestion Labstation
  •     Mettler Toledo C 30, Compact Karl Fischer Titrators
  •     T50 Automatic Titrator from Mettler-Toledo
  •     Automatic Calorimeter ((PARR 6300, IKA C 6000)
  •     Refrigeration bath circulator (Huber CC-508)
  •     Micro Carbon Conradson Residue Analyzer Normalab NMC 210
  •     Apparatus for Copper Strip Corrosion determination by Petroleum Products
  •     Apparatus for Vapor Pressure Determination
  •     DM45 LiquiPhysics Excellence Density Meter from Mettler-Toledo
  •     Lubricity Testing of Diesel Fuels
  •     Refrigeration bath circulator (Huber CC-508)
  •     UDK 159 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer (Velp Scientifica UDK159 + DKL8)
  •     Continuous Flow Tubular Reactors System. Up to 600 оС and 200 bar working pressure
  •     High pressure reactor with stirrer
  •     Equipment for Distillation of Crude Oil and Petroleum at atmospheric pressure or vacuum
  •     Determination of distillation characteristics at atmospheric pressure according to ISO 3405
  •     Rotation vacuum evaporator IKA RV 8
  •     Rotanta 460 Lab Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge
  •     Centrifuge for fuels and oils (Eppendorf 5810R)
  •     Bandelin Sonopuls ultrasound homogeniser Sonopuls UW3200
  •     Biochrom Libra S60 Double Beam Spectrophotometer
  •     Portable emission analyzer Testo 350 (Industrial and exhaust gases)
  •     Agilent 7890B Gas Chromatograph. Analyses of gases up to C6
  •     Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer Shimadzu QP2010Plus
  •     Ricardo Single Cylinder Diesel Fuel Research Engine Power 8 KW

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