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Oil Shale Competence Center

The Oil Shale Competence Center is a research and development center located in Eastern Estonia, mainly in the field of oil shale and chemistry, but also in other fields of technology. The center provides development and laboratory services, intellectual property services and rental laboratories, and performs sectoral standardization.

Laboratory of Fuel Technology

The area of the Laboratory of Fuels Technology activity is solid and liquid fuels analyses and thermal processing investigations. The laboratory has got Accreditation Certificate no L059 in the field of liquid and solid fuels analyses.

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Standardization Technical Committee EVS/TC 57 „Processing oil shale and oil shale product“ was registered up to Estonian Centre for Standardization in 2015. The activities of the Technical Committee are supervised and managed by the Oil Shale Competence Center to develop sectoral standards.


Intellectual Property Services

The Center offers services in the field of Intellectual Property such as sectoral patent retrieval, monitoring of technology, firm search and monitoring of competitors etc.


Rental Laboratories

Business incubator of the senter is the only center in Estonia, renting out modern chemical laboratories equipped with basic laboratory engineering.


Oil Shale Conferences

The Center arranges Oil shale conferences in Ida-Virmaa each year to convene different parties - scientists, businessmen, policy makers, representatives of local authorities, engineers etc for joint discussing of oil shale sector actual themes. Conferences have been arranged since 2009.


Oil Shale Yearbook

Oil shale industry Yearbook combines data of the economic year on the point of Estonian oil shale industry role in economy, oil shale value chain from mining to finished product (including the outputs of mining, liquid fuels, electricity, heat, fine chemical), relationship with natural environment and contribution to society.


Oil Shale Competence Center

Oil Shale Competence Center is research-development center, which offers services to the companies and public sector primarily in the field of oil shale and chemistry.