Tallinn University of Technology

School seminar by Prof. Martin Schröder (28 May 2018)

School seminar by Prof. Martin Schröder (Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Professor of Chemistry, The University of Manchester, UK). Title "Metal-Organic Framework Materials: The Supramolecular Chemistry of Selectivity".

3rd Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference (Berlin, Germany; 13-16 May 2018)

The 3rd Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference will take place 13-16 May 2018 in Berlin, Germany. (www.elsevier.com/events/conferences/green-and-sustainable-chemistry-conference)

As with previous events in the series, the conference will address a range of broad topics highlighting the role of chemistry in contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including in developing countries.

Keynote and invited speakers, international researchers from academia, authorities and industry will communicate and share the latest developments across the following areas:

  • Bioresources
  • Inorganic resources
  • Waste reduction, waste capture and recycling
  • New molecules, materials and products
  • Organic synthesis
  • Catalysis
  • Photochemistry
  • Renewable energy
  • Green and sustainable pharmacy
  • Environmental science and sustainable chemistry
  • Cleaner production
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable chemistry
  • Industry and sustainable chemistry
  • New business models
  • Circular economy and sustainable chemistry
  • Education and sustainable chemistry

Prof. N.Gathergood is a member of the scientific advisory committee.