Tallinn University of Technology

Open Studies

TalTech Open University provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge through open studies that are subject to a charge of tuition fees.  It is a form of studies that is open to everyone interested and enables to participate in bachelor's, master's or doctoral level courses offered by TalTech School of Business and Governance together with university students and hold the external student status. It is possible to choose courses from one or more different curricula and start studying twice a year – either in beginning of the autumn semester or the spring semester. The fees depend on the courses or the programme chosen and are calculated based on the credit point (EAP) fee rate, which is 70 euros per 1 ECTS in the School of Business and Governance.

NB: Courses included in the Entrepreneurial Management M.B.A Programme are not available in the Open University.

More information is available on the Open University website.


Additional specialties

Sometimes people face new challenges and need to move in a completely new direction based either on their interests or professional needs. If you have already acquired higher education, after having additionally taken 45 ECTS of courses, you will be eligible to apply for a master's programme in the field you have chosen and acquire an additional speciality.

It is possible to choose between the following additional specialities at the School of Business and Governance:

  • European Union and International Law 
  • International Business Administration