Tallinn University of Technology

Flower Scholarship

Flower Scholarship is TalTech´s first student to student scholarship. In spring 2019 the Student Council of TalTech School of Business Governance initiated a scholarship campaign that invites the graduates’ families, friends and relatives to donate some of the money they would spend on graduation flowers to the scholarship fund which would support the future students’ studies. The donation will be made in the name of the graduate, who will receive a brooch pin Sigma as a sign of donation.

Depending on the amount received, the maximum number of scholarships will be awarded. The School of Business and Governance will double the donated amount of money. The amount of one scholarship is €1,300, which shall be paid out in one lump sum payment.

The Flower Scholarship is intended for a successful student who has reached at least his/her second year of a bachelor's or master's degree studies at TalTech School of Business and Governance.



How to apply


  • has been matriculated at Tallinn University of Technology and is not on academic leave of absence at the time of application 

  • is making good academic progress 

  • actively contributes to student life 

  • application period: 26 September – 17 October 2022*

* The Development Fund reserves the right to change the dates and informs all partners about it.


  • a motivation letter where the applicant explains how he/she meets the abovementioned criteria 

  • CV

Scholarships for international study programmes

The scholarship is intended for students of international programmes of TalTech SBG who are enrolled at the university from the autumn semester of 2023 onwards.

How to apply


For the students who are studying in international programmes:

  • International Business Administration (BA, MA)
  • Law (BA, MA)
  • Technology Governance and Sustainability (MA) 

The number of scholarship recipients and the amount of the scholarship will be decided for each semester separately according to the principles described in the procedure for awarding scholarships.

Scholarship will be awarded: 

  • in the first semester on the basis of the ranking of the admission;
  • from the second semester onwards on the basis of the ranking of weighted grade point average.


In the first semester, all admitted students are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Starting from the second semester, for applying are eligible students who:

  • are enrolled in full-time studies and complete the curriculum in full on a cumulative basis;
  • have no financial arrears to the university;
  • have not exceeded the nominal duration of the programme;
  • are not on academic leave or studying abroad during the semester of study;
  • have not violated good academic practice.


Deadlines for submission of applications are twice a year:

  • by the 2nd Monday in October for the autumn semester;
  • by the 2nd Monday in March for the spring semester.

A student can apply for a scholarship every semester.

More detailed information about the application process will be published in the autumn semester of 2023.

Procedure for awarding scholarships