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The allowance is paid to motivate students to do full-time studies and successfully complete studies in the nominal period of the study programme.

As of the academic year 2013/2014 the state supports students from low income families to cover the additional costs associated with acquiring a higher education. The need based study allowance is established in the Study Allowances and Study Loans Act.

A student receives a need based study allowance:

  • who is studying full-time and fulfils the programme of studies requirements to the extent of 75%, whereby the calculation is cumulative in terms of semesters. It is sufficient n the first semester to be enrolled in full-time studies to apply for the study allowance;

  • where the family income dividend per family member is up to 429 Euros.

Additional information about the need based study allowance is found on the Ministry of Education and Research website: http://www.hm.ee/et/tegevused/korgharidus/oppetoetus

The student oneself applies for the need based study allowance through the www.eesti.ee portal. Applications can be submitted throughout the semester. The allowance is paid starting from the month in which the application was submitted. We therefore recommend submitting the application in the first month of the semester – in September or February.

A student can apply for a need based special allowance, if:

  1. the student is an Estonian citizen or resides in Estonia on a long-term or limited period residency permit or on a permanent or limited period right of residence basis;

  2. he/she is studying full-time and fulfils the programme of study requirements to the extent of 75% (the quantitative accounting takes place cumulatively over the semesters) or is studying full-time in the first semester;

  3. in the corresponding semester the student was left without the need based study allowance for the reason that the Tax and Customs Board, based on the register of taxable persons data, determined that the monthly income of the student and his/her family exceeded the established upper limit for the average income for receiving the study allowance;

  4. during the three months preceding the application for a need based study allowance, the student’s and his/her family member’s income does not exceed the upper limit established for the average income used in the state budget for obtaining the need based allowance, foremost when the mentioned income has decreased due to the student’s or his/her family member’s registered unemployment or permanent loss of working capacity to the extent of 80-100%.

  5. the need based allowance application has not been satisfied in the calendar month of the application for the need based special allowance.

About applying for a need based special allowance:

  1. The student applies for a need based allowance immediately prior to presenting an application for a need based special allowance (during the current month), so that the rejected application is visible with the reason.

  2. Fills the application form and sends it digitally signed to the e-mail address vpet@ttu.ee

  3. Presents a confirmation from the Tax and Customs Board concerning the past three months income for each family member.

Each family member of the presenter of the application can order the appropriate extract from the TCB website and mark there to whom it should be sent electronically.

E-mail address to which extracts should be sent is: vpet@ttu.ee

It is possible to present applications during the semester. The allowance is paid up to five months during the semester, starting from the month of application. 

The amount of the allowance is 135 Euros per month.

Allowances are allocated in the order of receiving applications until the amounts allocated to the Tallinn University of Technology are exhausted in the given fund. 

Contact address: vpet@ttu.ee

Students studying full time in professional higher education have the possibility of applying for specialisation scholarships.

In the academic year 2019/2020 specialisation scholarships can be applied for by students studying in the marine engineering and small craft construction programmes of study.

  • The amount of the specialisation scholarship is 160 Euros per month.

  • Applications can be made twice during the academic year – in September and February, in the Study Information System (ÕIS).

  • Applications for the specialisation scholarship are accepted from the first semester.

The ranking for the first semester scholarships is based on the enrolment results.

The specialisation scholarship is given to 30 percent of the students studying within the nominal time.

Result based scholarships are granted, since the academic year 2013/14, according to the Government of the Republic regulation no. 178 „Types of university student scholarships, size and general conditions of granting”. The scholarship is granted for one semester and its size is EUR 100. The right to apply for a result based scholarship exists twice during the academic year – in September and February, starting from his/her second semester of the academic year of matriculation.

A student in professional higher education and a Master’s student can apply for the result based scholarship who: 

  • Is an Estonian citizen or resides in Estonia on a long-term or limited period residency permit or on a permanent or limited period right of residence basis;

  • Studies full-time;

  • Fulfils the programme of studies cumulatively to the full extent. The study load to be completed in each semester is 30 ECTS credits. The completion of the load does not take into consideration load completion through the accreditation of prior and experiential learning (APEL), except for studies elsewhere towards a degree;

  • has not exceeded the nominal duration of the programme of studies;

  • is not on academic leave;

  • has throughout the study period had a weighted average grade of at least 4.0.

A ranking of the students who applied and correspond with the requirements, is done in the study information system, according to the weighted average for the semester of the participation in studies. If the student has been studying at an educational institution abroad during the abovementioned last semester, then the weighted average calculation is calculated from the last semester of participation in studies.

The City Council Scholarship was established by the municipal government at its sitting on the 10th of October 2018.

The aim of the scholarship is:

  •  to support and recognise Master’s and Doctorate students successful in their research and studies, whose Master’s thesis, Doctoral thesis or research publication treats a subject related to the City of Tallinn, as in the fields of activity of the municipal government and which have applicable value to the city and assist the City of Tallinn in resolving some problems faced by it;

  • to propagate and encourage the research of subjects related to the facets of life of Tallinn, as the capital of the Republic of Estonia, by the Master’s and Doctoral students of the universities and professional higher education schools of Tallinn;

  • to support the development activities of the institutions of the City of Tallinn, with high level research works and aid them in the research based solution of the assignments and problems faced by them. 

The scholarship is intended for Master’s and Doctoral students. The right of presenting candidates lies with the structural units of the educational institution and the student’s supervisor. If the student is cooperating with an institution of the City of Tallinn in writing the research, then an employee of the institution may also present the student as a candidate for the scholarship.

The scholarship fund is 45 000 Euros per year. Foreseen for Master’s students are up to 36 scholarships (each scholarship being 1 000 Euros) per fiscal year and for Doctorate studies up to 6 scholarships (with each scholarship being 1 500 Euros).

The Master’s or Doctorate student cannot present him/herself as a candidate.
Information on application conditions can be found on the website: www.tallinn.ee/est/Tallinna-linna-Raestipendium

The research subject may be worded by the student or his/her supervisor, but some possible research subjects have been offered by institutions of the City of Tallinn, which are also visible on the above mentioned website.

The City Council Scholarship is announced every year by the 1st of March at the latest. A notice about it is sent through the universities and higher education institutions, as well as being published on the City of Tallinn website.

Students can be presented to the scholarship competition from the announcement until the 1st of April (included) using the e-mail address raestipendium@tallinnlv.ee.

A member of the EMSA studying at the Estonian Maritime Academy, as of the autumn semester of the year 2018, can apply for a study allowance (scholarship) paid on a monthly basis, based on a personal application, if he/she has fulfilled the following conditions:

1) at least one of his/her parents has been a member of EMSA, at least for the 12 previous calendar months retroactively from the date of application for the allowance;

2) the applicant is studying at the first level of higher education (corresponds with the level of Bachelor’s studies) in a programme of studies that results in graduation with the profession of a ship’s officer;

3) the applicant has completed the first semester without defaults in studies, is in full-time studies, without absences without reason;

The applications for study allowances are satisfied by the board of EMSA, which general meets once a month.

The amount of the allowance is 75 Euros per month and it is paid throughout the entire period of the nominal period of full-time studies. The first payment takes place to the bank account provided by the applicant starting from the calendar month following the EMSA board meeting, by the latest on the 15th of the month.

The EMSA board has the right to stop or cease the payment of the mentioned study allowance under the following circumstances:

1) the recipient of the allowance has not liquidated defaults in studies, at the latest in the semester following the corresponding examination period;

2) the recipient of the allowance is repeatedly absent from studies without reason;

3) the recipient of the allowance commits an act unsuitable to a future seafarer or dangerous to the society;

4) the parent of the recipient of the allowance or the recipient is excluded from membership in the EMSA;

The recipient of the allowance, in accordance with the decision of the board of EMSA, might have the obligation to fully reimburse the paid allowance, if he/she is exmatriculated prior to completely passing through the programme of studies and receiving the graduation certificate from the educational institution, except for reasons not dependent on him/herself.

Additional information about applying in autumn 2019.