Tallinn University of Technology

Transfer of courses, which have been completed
- during earlier studies
- as a visiting student in another university, etc.

In a nutshell:

To transfer course(s), an APEL application should be submitted in ÕIS, and supporting documents presented to the counsellor of own study programme. When the documents are together, the APEL application and source documents will be reviewed by APEL assessor of the School (director of the study programme).

If the decision about the application is positive, the original result is entered under the performance records of the student, with the following exceptions:
- if the grading system of the other educational institution differs from the grading system of our own university, the result will be entered as "passed".
- in case of courses completed abroad, the result is always marked as "passed".

Further conditions:

Courses completed previously in Tallinn University of Technology
- Transfer of courses completed after September 1, 1995 is free, except for students studying at part-time load or in a payable study programme without the tuition fee waiver scholarship.

Courses completed in another university

Reviewing of the APEL application and transfer of courses is free, if
- prior to going to the other university, the student has submitted an application named "Transfer to visiting student place" in the study information system ÕIS (also applies to students going to the Erasmus semester)
- the student has previously agreed in writing in the School about taking courses in another university.

Continuing education courses incl. summer schools

An applicant who wishes to transfer a continuing education course, should find a similar course (similar in content and ECTS credits) from the register of courses of TalTech  (basis: Rules for Accreditation of Prior and Experiential Learning § 4 (2)). If there is no such course in the register, the continuing training course cannot be transferred. APEL assessor verifies, if the applied course corresponds to the course of the study programme. Transfer of continuing training is for a fee for everyone (basis: "Approval of the rates of fees for accreditation of prior and experiential learning")

Further information and materials about APEL

Internship is practical work carried out in a working environment under the guidance of a supervisor with the intention to gain work experience. The student is free to choose the time and place of internship, as long as the internship is passed before the defence of thesis. In general, it is the responsibility of the student to find the place of internship, but the curator of internship can advise and suggest places, where internship could be completed, explaining and specifying the requirements for the place of internship and the field of industry. Internship guidelines are available in the study information system ÕIS or Moodle.

The curator of internship is the teacher specified for the internship in ÕIS.
(The curator of internship in Applied Physics programmes: Raavo Josepson)

Internship is not declared in the study plan. For the assessment of internship, the student has to submit in ÕIS:
1. an application for assessment of internship,
2. signed certificate from the place of internship,
3. internship report or other documents, which prove the completion of internship.

Internship places offered by companies are mediated by the Student Counselling Office https://www.facebook.com/TalTechCounsellingOffice/

Further information and materials about internship