Tallinn University of Technology

Internship is a mandatory part of almost all TalTech's professional higher education, bachelor's, mater's and integrated study programmes. Internship may also be part of master's and doctoral study programmes.

Time and host of internship

The time and host of internship are up to the student to decide, i.e. a student can complete an internship at any time (no declaration required) and choose the internship host in accordance with his/her speciality, interests and goals. Sometimes you need to agree on the internship host with the internship coordinator.

An internship can be completed also in Mektory by prior agreement. Participation in Mektory projects shall be based on the terms and conditions agreed upon with the enterprises in the project.

Finding an internship host

As a rule, a student shall find the host organisation by himself /herself, but an internship coordinator can provide assistance by recommending companies that provide internship opportunities and explaining and specifying requirements for the host organisation and the field of activity. As a rule, the coordinators work at your department/centre/educational institution. You will find the contact details of your internship coordinator on the homepage of your School.

We have collected some tips - see the information below.

Speciality-related internship offers submitted to the Student Councelling Office will be displayed on the information board (in the U01 building, opposite the Student Union) and on the Facebook page of the Student Counselling Office.


The parties (the university, the student and the employer) may enter into an internship agreement, but this is, as a rule, not obligatory. 

Please note that additional terms and conditions may be applied in some study programmes and a student must get acquainted with the requirements established for his/her internship course.

The signatories of the university are the deans or other authorised persons. For further information please contact your internship coordinator. Download the sample internship agreement

Assessment of internship

Necessary steps to be taken for assessment

For assessment of internship, a student shall submit to the internship coordinator

  • an application in the appropriate form (available in the study information system ÕIS);

  • the assessment form of the supervisor at the host organisation with original signatures (sample);

  • an internship report (the format and structure of which shall be specified by the internship coordinator, whose contact details are available on the School's homepage).

Working at an internship host that complies with the requirements set out in the course description can also be deemed to be internship.


The number of ECTS credit points awarded for internship is defined in the study programmes. 1 ECTS credit point corresponds to up to two internship weeks, depending on the nature and load of the work. As a rule, 1 ECTS credit point corresponds to 26 hours of work at the internship host.



Internship at TalTech shall be organised in compliance with § 13 of the Academic Policies. In addition, the Schools may lay down their own rules for organising internship.

Please note that additional terms and conditions may be applied in some study programmes and a student must get acquainted with the requirements established for his/her internship course. Read more:

1. School of Information Technologies

2. School of Engineering - please contact your internship coordinator

3. School of Science - please contact your internship coordinator

4. School of Business and Governance

5. Estonian Maritime Academy

How to find an internship in Estonia?

  1. Find out your own interests, your skills and competencies.

  2. Get information about Estonian employers and labour market situation. 

    1. Computer skills are necessary almost everywhere in Estonia. 

    2. Professional education is not always a strict requirement but is preferable. 

    3. Learn Estonian language - at least on beginner's level. It is a big advantage on your job application.

  3. Make a CV and cover letter or motivation letter for application.

  4. Find out the companies that you are interested in and send your CV and motivation letter.

    1. Insert your CV to different job-search databases (CV Online, CV Keskus, Hyppelaud, Eures etc).

    2. Read the vacancy advertisements in the University.

    3. More effective way for job-seeking is to contact personally the companies that would be of any interest for you. Call or send an e-mail with your CV and motivation letter.

    4. Follow the Student Counsellng Office Facebook page, where we have collected internship offers for the students. They are organised by the field and there is a separate folder with offers that are suitable for foreign students. All offers are also presented on the poster panel on the way to the Student House (located in the building U01).

    5. Attend career fair at the university: www.vt.ee/en

    6. Attend our seminars - find out more!

    7. If you need more help - contact to our career counsellor.

  5. Read more - Estonia's official guide to living and working in Estonia: http://www.workinestonia.com/working-in-estonia/