Tallinn University of Technology

Joint Staff Training Events

Joint Staff Training Event 1, January 12 – 14, 2021 Tallinn University of Technology EMERA Centre for Blue Economy/ Kuressaare College (online, MS Teams)

Day 1: Overview of the related Master’s Programmes at each partner University; Comparative overview of the courses to be developed: parallel work group sessions (Automation Technology, Hydrodynamics, Ship Design and Construction).

Day 2: Seminar on innovation and developments in engineering pedagogy. Tiia Rüütmann, PhD, Head of TalTech Engineering Pedagogy Centre. Comparative overview of the courses to be developed: parallel work group sessions (Integrated Ship Systems, Materials and Structures).

Day 3: TalTechDigital Programme and e-courses. Sille Paas, TalTech Educational Technology Centre. Discussion session of work group leaders summarising the results of work group sessions on course comparison. Planning of the upgrading needs analysis.

Joint Staff Training Event 2, November 3 – 5, 2022, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Day 1: Fernanda Nicotera, Head of UNINA International Relation Office: Seminar on higher education pedagogy. Session 1: Overview of Erasmus+ KA2 projects at UNINA. Seminar on higher education pedagogy, session 1. Alessandro Arienzo, UNINA: „ Aurora Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation toward the European University of the Future“. Jean-Baptiste R. G. Souppez, Birmingham University: „Interdisciplinary pedagogy: A maritime case study“. Ruth Elizabeth Kerr, UNINA: „Federica Web Learning: innovative multimediacontent for HE: An introduction to concept, process + product“. 

Day 2: Seminar on higher education pedagogy, session 2. Amalia Vanacuore: How reliable are students evaluation of teaching. Discussion and follow-up on course üpgrade needs analysis. Parallel work group sessions: Work Group 1 Automation Technology & Integrated Ship Systems. Work Group 2 Hydrodynamics. Work Group 3 Ship Design and Construction & Materials and Structures. Visit to the towing tank of Department of Industrial Engineering.

Day 3: Discussion sessions of work group leaders. Participation in the presentation of Workshop week by Master Mundus SEAS 4.0 students.

Joint Staff Training Event 3, May 25-27, 2022, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Day 1: Joint Staff Training Session 1: Seminar on higher education pedagogy: Prof. Renata Geld: „Internationalisation of HE classroom creating a smooth transition to effective teaching in English“.  Prof. Sanja Kišićek: „Collaborative learning online. Providing feedback and assessment practices“. Prof. Snježana Kerekovic: „Interactive lecturing“. Visit to ORCHID towing tank of UNIZAG FSB.

Day 2: Joint Staff Training Session 2: Prof. Višna Rajic: „ Role of assessment in HE“ . Overview and discussion of the planning and preparations for the Intensive programme in Tallinn. Presentations on course ugrading by the teaching staff of all project partners.

Day 3: Discussion on structure, aligned sequence, and visual appearance of the E-courses. Further discussion of the ISP content, organisation of work and timetable. Visit to the iCat company.

Joint Staff Training Event 4, May 29-31 2023, University Of The Aegean, Piraeus, Greece

Day 1: Discussion on formation of test question databases – how it can be done during and after the end of the project.  Demonstration of different e-testing tools. 
Day 2: Networking for extending contacts and initiation of new collaboration ideas in the context of Education 4.0 and the professional and skills needs of the industry. Meeting with colleagues from UniAegean and other Greek HEIs and maritime sector.
Day 3: Demonstration of the finalised courses (in English and with e-support) + exchange of practical experience.  Peer-to-peer teaching skills workshop.

Joint Staff Training Event 5, July 19-21 2023, Tallinn University Of Technology, Kuressaare, Estonia

Day 1: Study trip to Saaremaa shipyards at Nasva and contact meeting with the industry representatives. Excursion to the maritime and shipbuilding history sites of Saaremaa. 
Day 2: Peer-to-peer hands-on session: digital tools for teaching marine technology and engineering courses. Moodle tools for student feedback and following student progress. Practical preparation of materials needed for presenting the IO – the courses developed during the SHIPMARTECH project.
Day 3: Presentation and workshop by Mihhail Afanasjev on implementation of CDIO principles in curriculum and course development. Workshop on visual aids and use of DaVinci Resolve programme for video editing. Demonstration and discussion of videos introducing courses. Planning of further cooperation in course and curriculum development.