Tallinn University of Technology

Objectives and Aims

  • Upgraded, harmonised and more clearly aligned courses and Master’s level programmes in Maritime Engineering/ Naval Architecture;
  • Improvement in quality of curricula and subject courses;
  • Improvement and diversification of teaching methods and formats via digital and blended learning;
  • Facilitation of internationalisation and student /staff mobility during the project and further - the courses developed will be available in English (in addition to the language of their initial creation).

Intellectual Output

  • The intellectual output of the project includes an online-hosted set of subject courses (approx. 20 courses, a total of 122 ECTS) for Maritime Engineering/Naval architecture Master’s level students developed, adjusted and harmonised by multinational workgroups of teachers. 
  • Each course is equipped with digital support for blended-learning or e-learning and courses originally prepared in national languages are made available for international students studying in English.
  • The courses have harmonised descriptions (aims, objectives, ECTS, content, learning outcomes, assessment criteria; learning resources, instructions; analysis of course testing/piloting) and e-support standards following the requirements of TalTech e-course levels 1 and 2.
  • Course development process is based on the results of the development needs analysis of each course to be upgraded and harmonised.