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The Student Council of The School of Engineering

The Student Council of the School of Engineering (INSÜK) was established in January 2017.

INSÜK is made up of active and motivated students of the School of Engineering who want to do something a little extra in addition to studying.

Our main task is to be the voice of engineering students inside and outside the university. We have made it our mission to make sure that the education provided at the faculty is diverse and of high quality. We work closely with both large and small professional companies and associations and organize educational and adventurous trips around Europe. Another big part is organising various major events like BuildIT, Brico, Soojakud ect.

The Student Council of the School of Engineering is the right place if you want to contribute to the study quality of the School of Engineering or try your hand at organizing events.

We can help with all the questions of the students of the School of Engineering.


The School of Engineering and the Student Council of the School of Engineering invites you to participate in the film competition. Make up to a 1 minute video showing others why your study programm is the most important and has the biggest impact on the future

Film everything, labs, lessons, future of the study programm, course mates, future work and make a cool video.

To participate, upload the video to Youtube or Vimeo and send us an email

Price pool 1000 €

Terms and Conditions:

  • Video length is up to 1 minute
  • Only students of the School of Engineering can participate in the video battle
  • The video competition will run until March 1st, 2021
  • The video submitter must be the author of the direct work and is responsible for any claims made by third parties regarding his or her competition work.
  • The Contestant has the right not to publish or rate a video that does not meet the requirements of the Contest.
  •  The winners will be determined by the jury. The names of the winners will be published on the website of the Faculty of Engineering Student Counci or on Facebook page at the end. 
  • Winners will be contacted by e-mail or telephone and a prize will be agreed upon.

The Board


Monitoring Committee