Tallinn University of Technology

Sporting opportunities in TalTech

The students of TalTech have an opportunity to train free of charge at the TalTech Sportsclub after passing two "Basics of Physical Movement" courses. The sportsclub offers a wide variety of group trainings and ball games plus two gyms. More information

Visit the TalTech Sports Club website

There are many alternatives for training outside as well at TalTech Campus such as basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, stadium and gym. Nõmme-Harku trails are waiting for running and walking enthusiasts. In addition, TalTech Student Union organizes many sporting events throughout the year including volleyball tournaments and relay races.



YLIPALL is the first event in the series YLISPORT where students from 14 Estonian universities come together for a day to compete in different games: basketball, blind volleyball, soccer, dodge ball, basketball free throws and relay races. The event is organized by Estonian Academic Sports Union.

For more information: karolin.kormik@tipikas.ee.

Student Winter Games

Student winter games is a three day sporting-entertainment event between students, where all possible winter sports are performed in all weather conditions. The event is suitable for everyone – there are a total of 20 different sports in the program! In addition, there is a fun entertainment program including beer pong, mud wrestling and costume parties! The aim of the games is to offer participants an intense sports and relaxing entertainment program in the winter.

For more information: karolin.kormik@taltech.ee.

Student Summer Games

Student summer games is Estonias biggest and only sporting and entertainment event for students. It takes place every summer in Kääriku sporting center. During the 3 days students are challenged in 40 different fields, for example traditional women's mud wrestling and many other exciting fields. In addition to the sporting activities there will be 2 fun party nights.

For more information contact: karolin.kormik@taltech.ee.