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Starting from 2023/2024 Academic year we initiated a pilot project, TalTech Mobility Ambassadors, in collaboration with the School of Engineering. Currently, we have four ambassadors pursuing their studies in different partner universities of TalTech. These ambassadors are available for contact during their exchange and even after, providing valuable insights and advice on studies abroad.

Meet them below!

Fernando in Denmark


Programme in TalTech: Integrated Engineering (MVEB), 3rd year
Host university: Technical University of Denmark
Duration: Autumn semester 2023

Subjects that I took:

Courses to be taken at DTU Corresponding courses/modules at TalTech
Robotics - 5 ECTS Robotics
Intro to Programmable Logic Controllers - 5 ECTS Module "Technology and its applications"
Digital Trends for Entrepreneurs - 5 ECTS Module "Energy and its applications"
Energy Storage and Conversion - 5 ECTS Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Thermodynamics and Mechanics for electrical engineers - 5 ECTS Thermal Engineering
Innovation Pilot - 10 ECTS Course Project


I choose Technical University of Denmark (DTU) as my Erasmus exchange destination. Why? DTU’s reputation is stellar of academic excellence and vibrant student life. For me, my main expectation for my Erasmus was to be more academically challenged and to experience a bigger and more active student life in a larger university. Now that my exchange is over, I say with certainty that I surpassed my initial expectation. Along the way, I made lifelong memories in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, made new friends and travelled a lot. Biking around the city, studying with friends for the final semester exams and incredible parties are some of the amazing experiences I had.

If you are interested in doing a semester abroad, I would strongly recommend you to do your research! Make a budget beforehand and be fully aware of all the possible expenses, it’s not a secret that some destinations will be pricier. Be conscious of what you are expecting from your exchange (travel, learn a new culture or language, be more academically challenged etc.) and based on these, choose your destination. I can assure you that if done correctly, you will enjoy your exchange to the fullest from the first second without having to worry about anything else! 

Mane in Czechia


Programme in TalTech: Integrated Engineering (MVEB), 3rd year
Host university: Czech Technical University in Prague
Duration: Autumn semester 2023

Subjects that I took:

Courses to be taken at CTU Corresponding courses/modules at TalTech
Probability and Statistics – 4 ECTS Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Thermomechanics – 2 ECTS Thermal Energy
Environmental Engineering – 4 ECTS Thermal Energy
Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation - 5 ECTS Electronics
Fundamentals of Energy Conversions - 1 ECTS Electronics
Industrial Automation - 4 ECTS Robotics
Practical Software Tools - 3 ECTS Robotics


I completed one semester of exchange studies in CTU (Czech Technical University in Prague). Throughout my exchange experience, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. With this testimonial I hope to give some insights and things to keep in mind if you ever decide to go to CTU as an exchange student, to ensure that your exchange experience is as lovely as mine was.

UNIVERSITY: Let’s talk about the most important thing first, the university. The main buildings of CTU are located quite close to the city center. It is good because if you ever have some business in the city center you can quickly reach there and go back to uni in no time. The university consists of several buildings, and you might have classes in several of them. There are 9 departments from which you can choose classes from, however 50% of them should be from the faculty that you are assigned to. My advice is to not to limit yourself to your faculty specific classes and try to take some fun classes from other departments. However, it's worth noting that one department, Biomedical Engineering, is located out of Prague, around 1.5 hours away, so be mindful.

Classes are 90 minutes long. I would say that the structure of the subjects and the university overall is quite similar to that of TalTech. The difficulties of the classes will depend on the level you choose and your background. If you are a bachelor’s student, you cannot choose Master level courses. The professors are nice, and they might go easy on you if you are an exchange student. In case of some problems regarding classes or organization of studies do not hesitate to contact your student counsellors, they are very helpful.

The university has a big, nice library, nonetheless each department building has its own study rooms, so you won’t have troubles trying to find a nice place to study. There are several cafeterias around the university, which also offer student discounts and they are very affordable. To get those discounts you need to have a student card, an ISIC (International Student Identity Card). I highly recommend getting one, it will make your life easier, and cheaper ;)

From cons, you might find that some buildings have an older resemblance but that is just a preference. Some people may like it. Other than that, English might be an obstacle here and there. Generally, professors have good command of English, however, there are instances where the language becomes a problem. Nonetheless, this did not have a big effect on my experience.

ACCOMODATION: I would definitely recommend living in the dorms. CTU has several dorms, some close to uni, some not so close. Apply early, and if you are not happy with the dorm you were assigned to, changes are possible, but not guaranteed. The rooms are typically shared between 2 people. I know, this might be a bit sacrificial for your private space, but you will find yourself surrounded with people just like you, and I can guarantee that you will find a lot of friends and build your own community while abroad. After all, that is one of the reasons why we go there, right? The price for a bed in the dorms might vary from 150-250 euros. Keep in mind that Czech Republic has its own currency (CZK). However, if a dorm is not an option for you, you can try flat sharing, or else, just renting the whole apartment for yourself. While flat sharing the rent will range from 500-700euros. If you decide to rent your own apartment the price may exceed 1000 euros, especially in the city center.

TRANSPORT: Transport in Prague works great. You have buses, trams, and metro. The best thing is, they also have nice railway connections outside of Prague, so you can travel in a very affordable way, I would definitely recommend taking advantage of this. With your student status you can get A LOT of discounts, transport is one of them. The infamous FlixBus also offers great discounts for travels inside of the country. Czechia is beautiful, to say the least, make sure to explore it.

STUDENT LIFE: There is an international student club in CTU, which is the same as ESN. They organize events, trips, and fun activities. Follow them on their social
media to not miss out on those. I made a lot of friends during activities organized by this organization. Other than the student club, there are other Erasmus communities which you can join. You can find them on Facebook or Instagram and choose which one suits your fancy. If you don’t want to join any specific clubs or follow organizations, you can easily explore the city and the country on your own. There are many interesting museums, libraries, landmarks, pubs and clubs for social engagements, and Prague is considered generally safe.

In the end, should you choose Prague as your Erasmus destination and have some questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Daria in Italy


Programme in TalTech: Integrated Engineering (MVEB), 2nd year
Host university: Polytechnic University of Turin
Duration: Autumn semester 2023

Subjects that I took:

Courses to be taken at Turin Corresponding courses/modules at TalTech
Electromagnetism and Circuit Theory – 12 ECTS Robotics
Electronic Systems, Technologies and Measurements – 8 ECTS Electronics
Lingua italiana I livello - 6 ECTS Free Choice Module
Mathematical Analysis II – 10 ECTS Machine Automation
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics


I spent 5 months near the alps in Turin, Italy. I truly enjoyed being in a gorgeous city full of history and amazing architecture; I submerged in Italian culture, eating the best food and adopting the local way of life. I got to meet lots of new people, mostly other exchange students, and make lasting friendships and tons of memories. 

Turin is nicely located travel-wise: there are plenty of trains going to all the Italian cities, as well as connections to France, Switzerland, Germany and more. I was able to visit the lakes, see Genoa, Milan, Naples, the seaside on the border of France, and much more. Inside the city there is so much to see and do as well, with different museums, almost daily events, and lovely nightlife. 

But although I loved my experience, it was no bed of roses. 

Accommodation situation is very rough. There is no student housing, and the free market has a wild competition even among the local full-time students, leave alone the Erasmus people coming for only 6 months. Start your search as early as possible and be the first one to any ad; also watch out for scammers!

Regrettably, the university didn't quite meet my expectations. The classes were very dry-theoretical, no labs or practices whatsoever. The whole grade for any subject was based on the final exam only, and the pass rates for the said exams were really low. The local students have a chance to retake the exams up to 6 times, but when you are on exchange, you simply don’t have the time for that. The level of support and administration was quite low as well. 

Some useful tips: 

  • Learn basic Italian beforehand! People are very nice and helpful even if you’re just trying your best, and speaking Italian makes any market or little store visit so much easier. 
  • Buy food in the markets. Although there are lots of regular supermarkets like the ones we’re used to, the prices there are much higher than at a local market, and the selection is not as good. Every district has its own market or even a few
  • PoliTo might seem very crowded, but you are free to use all the facilities (libraries, study rooms) of other universities. An app called Affluences helps to book a spot even on your personal email address.

Liisa-Lotta in Italy


Programme in TalTech: Architecture (EAUI), 4th year
Host university: Sapienza University
Duration: Autumn semester 2023

Subjects that I took:

Courses to be taken at Sapienza Corresponding courses/modules at TalTech
Structural Engineering of Ancient and Modern Buildings – 8 ECTS Tugevusõpetuse alused
Theories of the Contemporary Research in Architecture – 8 ECTS Kaasaegse arhitektuuri- ja linnaplaneerimise teooriad
Architectural Design Studio for Urban Regeneration – 12 ECTS Workshop III


An exchange semester in Rome as an architecture student was very eye-opening and rewarding. I chose Rome as the destination primarily because of the subjects offered at Sapienza University and of course the city’s rich architecture and history.

Attending Sapienza University taught me how to approach the design process from a different angle. The focus on conceptuality was different from what I am used to. Plus, working with students from different countries offered valuable insights into the architectural practices and professional landscape of each country.

Living in a new city was a great opportunity for gaining independence. Adjusting to life in Rome made me more self-reliant and confident in my abilities to navigate new places.

What really stuck with me was how Italians approach their work-life balance. Italians truly value their friends, family and food. After the work day was over the tables at restaurants started filling with people, chatting and enjoying meals. 

Despite never having visited Rome before, it quickly came to feel like home. The architecture, lively streets and friendly people make it unforgettable.

Interested in becoming an ambassador?

Looking ahead, we aspire to expand our ambassador project to include representatives from all schools within TalTech. Are you currently in process of applying for exchange studies abroad or considering it for the future? If you have any interest in becoming an ambassador yourself, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.