Tallinn University of Technology

Overview of Exchange opportunities

Erasmus+ programme

Exchange studies in TalTech partner universities within the European Union, the candidate countries and selected non-EU countries that have joined the programme (Norway, Turkey, Island, Lichtenstein). Tuition fees are waived by both sending and receiving universities and all participants of the programme get the Erasmus scholarship. See also Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020.

Additionally, Erasmus+ programme offers scholarships for placements abroad in EU countries and other European countries that have joined the programme. Internships can be carried out in universities, companies and organisations of the EU countries. The field of the internship has to match the applicants studies and last between 2 and 6 months.

Study abroad possibilities with Bilateral Agreements

TalTech has signed several bilateral agreements with universities in outside of Europe. Tuition fees are usually waived by universities that have signed bilateral exchange agreements, but there are no other scholarship schemes intended for the students. Students who apply to complete their exchange studies at those universities have to be in excellent academic standing, so that they can apply for Estonian national scholarships or scholarships offered by the receiving universities or countries.

Exchange scholarships

All students in the Erasmus programme receive the Erasmus scholarship. Other scholarship opportunities include the Estonian national scholarships (Kristjan Jaak scholarship), scholarships of the receiving universities and governments of foreign countries.

Summer programmes

Summer programmes are an excellent possibility for personal and professional development during the breaks from the university and are a great way to get the first experience of study abroad. Whereas, exchange studies are meant for studies in students' chosen field, the summer programmes enable the students to gain experience also in other fields.

Erasmus Stories

Don't know if you should go and study abroad? Maybe some of the students who have been abroad and back will change your mind!

Raiko in German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer:
"Really tiny university with really supportive staff. If you want to have a local experience and advance your german language then it's the right place for you (big chance you're the only erasmus student). But there are also enough courses in English besides German. In spring term you will also meet american students and professors who come with summer school programm in Speyer. It is possible to take courses with them and have field trips to different EU institutions."

Joonas in Kedge Business School:
"Unforgettable semester. It requires some effort to get the paperwork done for Erasmus but totally worth it. So many new experiences, new people and new places that I may never had experienced without going for Erasmus. It cannot really be described, it has to be experienced, I highly recommend."

Heigo in University of Vigo:
"The main campus of Vigo University was outside of Vigo, in a scenic mountainous area, but my studies took place in the center of Vigo. The learning process was very reasonable, topics went into depth and detail, professors were with great knowledge and there was plenty of homework. The contents of the subjects were in line with the descriptions on the website of the University and the overall information online was very useful for a foreign student. The city itself is at a beatiful location (ocean, islands, mountains), but the weather there is not what you would expect from Spain - however, travelling around Spain and Portugal is very simple and cheap."

Veera in Free International University for Social Studies "Guido Carli":
"The University was beautiful, the exchange student association was really active and made everyone feel welcome. Bachelor level courses were some what easy and consisted of lectures, group assignments and exams. Most exams were oral which was a new experience. Master's level courses consisted of individual assignments, lectures and exams. Every lecturer spoke very good English and the structure of teaching was good and attendance was not compulsory. Overall, I would recommend LUISS University and Italy for everyone."

Johanna in Mendel University in Brno:
"Mendel University has a very active International Student Club (ISC) who welcome all of the international students and give their best to ensure an awesome exchange experience for everyone. They also organize lots of interesting and fun events, there's always something to do or cool people to hang out with. The university has a modest gym which can satisfy the basic exercising needs and offers many training classes, but if that's not enough, there are many other fully equipped gyms throughout Brno where a membership is not very costly. The city of Brno also offers lots of attractions and activities from museums, operas and the Brno castle to ice hockey, rock concerts and catacombs. Brno is also centrally located, so it's easy to plan weekend trips to Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow etc."

Argo in Prague University of Economics and Business:
"Unique experience to broaden your horizons, get to know new people and develop your thinking at a global level. Also, best way to come out of your comfort zone, and I bet that if you take part of that experience then eventually you thank yourself. I strongly recommend to study abroad for a while."

Signe in University of Maribor:
"Erasmus has been a completely different life from my regular life. There has been improvement of social skills and a lot of fun discovering other cultures and different beliefs. It has also been a challenge academically, which is a good thing and a bad-mood source at the same time. Nevertheless, it has been interesting."

Kerli in Norwegian University of Science and Technology:
"It was an amazing experience - as a student I feel it is necessary to live abroad for a while. Living in different culture opens your eyes and makes you so much mature afterwards. Also, I have been learning problem solving while living abroad and I'm not afraid of taking new challenges anymore. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."

Kristin in University of Dubrovnik:
"Dubrovnik is a small town, approximately as big as Pärnu. During the summer season it's awfully crowded, but when I arrived there in the end of September, it was like every other small town. I fell in love with the seaside, endless walks in the small but suprisingly interesting old town, kilometers long stairs... And those sunsets. You cannot explain these kind of colours we saw. At some point in our Erasmus program our whole day plan was deciding where to go to see the sunset.
My erasmus semester was something I would never change. It gave me wonderful friends in Dubrovnik and in whole Europe, countless memories and the feeling that you are the only person that can make yourself happy. There's no point of being jealous of others - if you want to see around, you have to make the decision yourself."