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Virtual mobility

Tallinn University of Technology students have the unique opportunity to study the subjects offered by EuroTeQ universities online. You can participate in Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral studies. Learning takes place with students from other EuroTeQ universities, with the student being granted the status of a visiting student. You can study at one or more EuroTeQ universities, and the subjects passed will be considered when completing the curriculum.

Take online courses from the EuroTeQ partner universities.

You can begin your studies at EuroTeQ universities twice a year – in the autumn and spring semesters. The subjects offered by EuroTeQ partner universities Technical University of Munich (Germany), Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), Technical University of Denmark (Denmark), École Polytechnique (France) and the Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic), can be viewed on the EuroTeQ website: https://euroteq.eduxchange.eu.

The subjects offered in the EuroTeQ course catalogue are all in English; however, it is also possible to take part in language lessons offered by the partner countries every semester.

The subjects in the course catalogue are either entirely online, hybrid or blended form courses. For clarification:

  • Online course – the course takes place for everyone via online distance learning.
  • Hybrid is a course in which a EuroTeQ student participates online while home university students are physically present in the classroom.
  • Blended – The course takes place mainly as distance learning, but part of the studies take place on-site (e.g., practical training and exams).

How to register for EuroTeQ Courses?


EuroTeQ Course Catalogue

The registration period for autumn semester courses is from May 14th to June 18th 2024.


Studying at EuroTeQ universities offers students an excellent opportunity to gain international experience and get to know a new cultural space. We invite all students from Tallinn University of Technology to enrich their studies with a foreign experience.

This can be done under the existing Erasmus + programme for study abroad. Spend one semester or a whole year at a prestigious EuroTeQ university!

There are two application rounds each year:

  • main competition – in February (application for autumn semester or full academic year)
  • additional competition – in September (application for the spring semester)


Familiarize yourself with the conditions for applying and learn about additional study opportunities abroad (for example, participating in a summer school or project week).

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