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Study IT in Estonia and IT Academy research measure programmes

Study IT in Estonia and IT Academy research measure programmes (in Estonian IT Akadeemia) are a co-operation programs and a trademark which will help to raise the quality and competitiveness of ICT higher education, research and development, and to market ICT higher education, research results and development. See further information from the Study IT in Estonia program's website.

The following curricula of the School of Information Technologies fall under the auspices of Study IT in Estonia programme: Bachelor's program in Informatics, Master's programs in Computer and System Engineering and Cybersecurity, and doctoral program in Information and Communication Technology. The aim of the Study IT in Estonia programme is to support the development of curricula and infrastructure, also teaching-related actives aimed at both faculty members and students.

Implementation of ”the IT Academy research support measure” activity in the "ICT programme" measure in the project no. 2014-2020.4.05.19-0001, within action line 1 "Human resource development in ICT R&D and higher education" the following research directions will be developed:

  1. Software trustworthiness
  2. Internet of Things
  3. Hardware security and trust
  4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  5. Data science and big data
  6. Robots-people collaboration and the internet of things in industry processes

Doctoral students:

Kristina Murtazin - EDUCON conference


Yannick Le Moullec, IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference 2020, 9.01-14.01.2020, Las Vegas, USA,
Andres Kütt, conference ICICT 2020, 19.02-21.02.2020, London, Great Britain.
Kaido Kikkas, Online Conference HCII2020 21.02-24.07.2020, Denmark, Copenhagen.

Doctoral students:

Niazmand Behrad, Germany, 31st Test Methods and Research Methods Systemen (TuZ 2019), 24.02-26.02.2019, Prien am Chiemsee, Germany.

Valentyna Tsap, The Sixth International Conference on eDemocracy and eGovernment ICEDEG 2019. 24.04-26.04.2019, Quito, Equador.

Valentyna Tsap, Conference, EGOSE 2019, 12.11-16.11.2019, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Vimal Kumar Dwivedi, ICACDS-2019, 10.04-14.04.2019, Ghaziabad, India.

Vipin Deval, the CCGrid2019 Doctoral Symposium (https://www.ccgrid2019.org/pages/doctoral.html), 13.05-18.05.2019, Larnaca, Cyprus.

Cemil Cem Gürsoy, Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE), 25.03-29.03.2019, Florence, Italy.

Rida Khan, Summer School, Training School on Machine Learning for Communications, 22.09.-26.09.2019, Paris, France.

Vyacheslav Skiparev, The 10th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications (IDAACS’2019), 18.09-21.09.2019, Metz, France.

Karl Janson, Fifteenth International Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High Performance and Embedded Systems (ACACES 2019), 14.07-20.07.2019, Fiuggi, Italy.

Rozha Ahmed, ICT4SD, 4.07-7.07.2019, Goa, India.

Silvia Lips, Johannes Kepler University Linz / 8th International Conference on Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective, 25.08-30.08.2019, Linz, Austria.

Xinhui Lai, Fifteenth International Summer School of Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-Performance and Embedded Systems, 14.07-20.07.2019, Fiuggi, Italy.

Xinhui Lai, Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE), 25.03-29.03.2019, Florence, Italy.

Vishwajeet Pattalaik, Conference, International Conference on Future Data and Security Engineering (FDSE ’2019), 26.11-30.11.19, Nha Trang City, Vietnam.

Shweta Suran, Conference, 21st century common sense: Using collective intelligence to tackle complex social challenges,, London, UK.


Gert Kanter, IEEE Conference on Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies (DESSERT), 4.06-8.06.2019, Leeds Beckett University.

Jaak Henno, 23rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems 2019, 23.04-28.04.2019, Budapest, Hungary.

Jaak Henno, 42nd International Convention on Information and Communication Technologies MIPRO 2019, 9.05.2019-25.05.2019, Opatija, Croatia.

Kääramees Marko, 26.04-27.04.2019 spring seminar for students in Nelijärvi.

Margus Metshein, Conference “Balneology. Potential and benefits for human health in a European context ”, 11.04.2019, Ispra, Italy.

Navuday Sharma, RACT-5G-IoT 2019 Workshop and the 10th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT) 2019, 29.04-02.05.2019, Leuven, Belgium.

Olga Mironova, EDUCON2019 - IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference, 9.04-11.04.2019, Dubai.

Siavoosh Payandeh Azad, International Conference On Computational Science, 11.06-15.06.2019, Faro, Portugal.

Kalle Tammemäe, SelPhyS workshop, 14.04-16.04.2019, Munich, Germany.

Tarmo Robal, CAiSE'2019, 4.06-8.06.2019, Rome, Italy.

Tarmo Robal, Conference, PICMET'2019, 24.08-31.08.2019, Portland, USA.

Yannick Le Moullec, RACT-5G-IoT 2019 Workshop and the 10th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT) 2019, 29.04-02.05.2019, Leuven, Belgium.

Adeboye Stephen Oyeniran, 20th IEEE Latin American Test, March 9-15, 2019, Santiago, Chile.

Natalya Sleptsuk, Conference, ICSCRM2019 (International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials), 27.09-05.10.2019, Kyoto, Japan.

Sven Nõmm, Conference, International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW2019), 30.09-5.10.2019, Kyoto, Japan.

Maksim Jenihhin, Conference, Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design - DSD 2019, 27.08- 31.08.2019, Kallithea, Greece.

Priit Ruberg, Conference, UKRCON-2019, 1.07-05.07.2019, Lviv, Ukraine.

Eduard Petlenkov, Conference, the 27th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, MED 2019, 30.06.-6.07.2019, Israel.

Deniss Kumlander, Conference, 6th World Congress on Global Optimization (WCGO 2019), 7.07-11.07.2019, Metz, France.

Behrad Niazmand, Summer School, Fifteenth International Summer School of Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-Performance and Embedded Systems (ACACES 2019), 14.07-20.7.2019, Fiuggi, Italy.

Aleksei Teplyakov, Conference 2019 42nd International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing, 30.06.2019-04.07.2019, Budapest, Hungary.

Ants Torim, Conference, 24th International Conference on Conceptual Structures - Graphs in Human and Machine Cognition, 30.06-05.07.2019, Marburg, Germany.

Ahti Lohk, Research Cooperation and Self-Improvement, Nanyang Technology University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, 22.01-20.06.2019, Singapore.

Alexander Norta, Conference, CS’19 http://saiconference.com/Computing, 15.07-18.07.2019, London, UK.

Sven Nõmm, Conference, 18th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications - ICMLA 2019, 15.12-21.12.2019, Boca Raton, USA.

Andres Udal, Conference, CINTI-MACRo 2019: IEEE Joint 19th Int. Symposium on Computational Intelligence and 7th Int. Conf. on Recent Advancements in Mechatronics, Automation, Computer Sciences and Robotics, 13-17.11.2019, Szeged, Hungary.

Alar Kuusik, Conference, WCN 2019 XXIV World Congress of Neurology, 26.10-1.11.19, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Doctoral students:

Kristina Kondratjeva, Estonia

Adeboye Stephen Oyenira Conference Fee DDECS 2018, April 25-27, 2018 Hungary.

Adeboye Oyeniran, 23.5-31.5.2018, Italy, Romania.

Margus Metshein, participation in the IEEE IMS I2MTC conference, May 13-19, 2018 Houston, USA.

Udayan Sunil Patankar, International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research & Innovation ICMRI, 22.06-25.06.2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Maarand Hendrik, Oregon Programming Languages ​​Summer School (University of Oregon), 07.07-23.07.2018, USA.

Vimal Kumar Dwivedi and Abhishek Dixit, 2-7.8.12018 Trento, Italy.

Perez Juan Francisco Fuentes, 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics, 17.08-24.08.2018, Japan.

Muhammad Haroon Rashid, Europian Conference on SiC and Related materials, 1.09-7.09.2018, Brimingham, UK.

Sergei Odintsov, AUTOTESTCON18; 16.09-21.09.2018 National Harbor, United States.

Tara Ghasempouri, The 2nd Int’l Test Conference in Asia (ITC Asia) 2018; 13.08-18.08.2018, Harbin, China.

Mehadi Hasan Ziko, IEEE NANO 2018, 22.07-27.07.2018, Cork, Ireland.

Regina Sirendi, conference https://www.academic-conferences.org/conferences/ecdg/; 22-27.10.2018, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Mait Harf, conference ESM®'2018, 23.10-27.10.2018, Ghent, Belgium.

Valentyna Tsap, EGOSE 2018, 13-17.11.2018, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Ahti Lohk, Nanynag Technological University / The 9th Global, 5.01-14.01.2018, Singapore.

Martin Jaanus, conference "22nd International Vonference Electronics 2018", 17.06.-21.06.2018, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Olev Märtens, participation in the IEEE IMS I2MTC conference, 13.05.-19.05.2018, Houston, USA.

Innar Liiv, seminars "Trust, Transparency & Technology; Spring Panel Series", SmartGrid Seminar: Ulrich Münz, Future Power System Control Functions: An Industry Perspective, 29.05.-06.06.2018, Stanford, USA.

Andrei Krivosei, Conference 3th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements & Applications, 10.06-14.06.2018, Rome, Italy.

Paul Annus, 2018 World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, June 2-June 9, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic.

Alar Kuusik, Conference IEEE 4th World Forum on the Internet of Things; 04.02-10.02.2018, Singapore.
Muhammad Mahtab Alam, The 2018 12th International Symposium on Medical Information and Communication Technology, 24.03-31.03.2018; Sidney, Australia. (ISMICT).

Marko Kääramees and Ahti Lohk ESSCaSS summer school;

Alexander Horst Norta, IEEE / 3.1, http://www.ieee-cifer.org/index.html#ICO; .07.07-15.07.2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ahto Kalja, BalticDB & IS’2018, 01.07-04.07.2018, Lithuania.

Alexander Horst Norta, 18.07-20.07.2018, Springer, Germany.

Uljana Reinsalu, MEAD Education, Efficient Machine Learning for IoT, 22.08-25.08.2018, Switzerland.

Satalzuk Natalja, ECSCRM2018, 03-07-07.2018, Birmingham, Great Britain.

Jaak Henno, May 17-27, 2018, Rieka, Opatija, Croatia.

Andres Udal, Serbia, IEEE 16th Int. Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics (SISY 2018), 13.09-16.09.2018.

Alexei Teplyakov; 2018 41st International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP), 03.07-07.07.2018, Greece, Athens.

Andres Udal, APROPOS 16, 9.10-13.10.2018, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Birgy Lorenz, a KüberOlümpia project conducted by TUT, the aim of which is to find young cyber defense talents in Estonia, their further education and information work on cyber defense. 8.10-10.10.2018; Gothenburg, Sweden.

Sven Nõmm, At The 2018 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 5.10-11.10.2018, Miyazakia, Japan.

Hellis Tamm, Conference ICTAC 2018, participation in workshops, 9.10-20.10.2018, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Sven Nõmm, Conference “The 15 th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV 2018), 16.11-23.11.2018, Singapore.

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