Tallinn University of Technology


  •  Next admission starts on 01.03.2023
  • Students who study full-time in Estonian-language curricula study free of charge, whereas in case of a study load less than the nominal load (30 ECTS/semester) or the full load (22.5-30 ECTS/semester) the student may be required to pay part of the study costs.
  • Admission is made according to the terms of the competition on the basis of the rankings established by the curriculum.
  • Admission is  threshold-based. This means that candidates  passed this threshold have achieved the result necessary to obtain a place of study, and will be enrolled. The applicant must only submit an application during the admission period www.sais.ee and confirm his/her place of study!

Structural Engineering and Construction Management - engineering studies

Telematics and Smart Systems - applied higher education

Industrial Ecology - masters programme