Tallinn University of Technology


It is our greatest pleasure to welcome you to Tartu College - Tallinn University of Technology in Tartu.  Our mission is to support Estonia’s sustainable development through research and science-based higher education in the fields of engineering, technology, design and natural sciences. We believe these fields are the key to the development of our country and our College plays a crucial role in educating the next generation.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the following objectives:

  • provide an outstanding education for our students via their close contact with distinguished academics;
  • attract and develop high-caliber academic staff; 
  • make significant contributions to society through our activities in the field of research and education.

Achieving an internationally recognized position is a very ambitious task that requires the right decisions and the best people. Tartu College boasts of a remarkable international network. As we grow, we will continue to invite more researchers and students from other countries to our teams.

Our aim is to reach the forefront of educational establishments through the quality and integrity of our scientific research and our responsibility to our students.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to making our university programs accessible to all and to our dedication to helping our students attain their academic goals.

We invite you to explore and connect with our College and look forward to welcoming you to Tartu!

Tartu College of Tallinn University of Technology was founded in 2007. The predecessor of the College was Institute of Sustainable Technology, established in 2005. Tartu College is a branch of Tallinn University of Technology with its own board, curricula and students, located in its own campus.

The mission of Tartu College is to provide university-level education and co-ordinate research work and development projects supporting the development of South-Estonian region in the fields of engineering and sustainable technology. Tartu College and other regional colleges of Estonian universities form a network of competence centers that support balanced regional development of the country.

Although the language of instruction in the College is Estonian, we are happy to welcome English-speaking exchange students and visiting professors at our campus. We are moving towards multi-linguistic educational environment.

The key values of the College are humanism, accessibility, caring, connection to the university, local community and enterprises, flexibility in the content and organization of studies. The college seeks to connect the regional demands, needs and opportunities to those of the university.