Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech good teaching and learning practice

  1. Good learning is based on scientific thinking according to professional specifics  
  2. Good teaching is learning-focused, collaborative and supports creativity and entrepreneurship
  3. Good teaching develops ethical beliefs, attitudes and a sense of responsibility in the professional area
  4. Good teaching connects learning with real life
  5. A good lecturer creates the conditions for effective learning, the learner takes responsibility for his / her learning outcomes
  6. A good lecturer will involve students and colleagues (even from outside the university) to participate actively in the learning process
  7. A good lecturer aspires to modernized professional and didactic mastery
  8. In order to achieve good learning outcomes, both lecturers and learners regularly perform self-analysis.

Virumaa College freshman's vow

I, a first-year student at Virumaa College, do solemnly swear in the presence of all

respect the teachers, support fellow students, and love our College;

adore a subject the way my lecturer does;

accept all the knowledge offered to me;

do not arbitrarily occupy a lecturer's chair in the canteen, auditorium and lab while studying;

let yourself be infected by the college spirit germ and spread it outwards!

If I don't keep that vow, then

I'll stand next to the Director's office for 15 minutes every big break under the clock;

I'll be cleaning floors in College for a month;

I will get stuck in the elevator;

I will lose my parking space;  

I will become Julius!

I swear! I swear! I swear!