Tallinn University of Technology

Vision and goals

Virumaa College School of Science and Technology offers  for all schoolshildren from 1 to12 class  opportunities to participate in science clubs, camps, courses and other activities popularizing the field of technology.

The aim of the Science and Technology School is to combine technology education with mathematics, physics, chemistry, IT, etc. Encourage systemic thinking and the ability to see connections and the whole, associate real life more with education, motivate young people to study subjects in STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and grow their interest in research and engineering careers.


  1. introduce engineering as a field that includes theory, research, calculation and thinking skills in programming, materials science, research, construction and design of engineering equipment and machines;
  2. to provide knowledge of the possibilities of using it, including smart, virtual (3D) technology in engineering and research;
  3. learn to see and use mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. as a practical tool, systematically integrate this knowledge in a wider applied context and thereby consolidate the acquired knowledge;
  4. acquire knowledge that will make it easier for students (regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, etc.) to start their studies in university LTT curricula and thereby reduce dropout in these disciplines;
  5. develop creativity, logical, analytical and algorithmic thinking and a systemic approach to solving problems and tasks;
  6. focus on finding solutions that will give you the ability to solve a problem in the right order and with the right methods in later career.  

Activities financed by the European Regional Development Fund

  1. activities under " Science popularization ",  under the" We do+ " projects, "Club of a young engineer " and   "Science - it's cool";
  2. activities "Regional initiatives to promote employment and entrepreneurship" within the framework of the project  "Ida-Viru County Regional Initiatives Support Programme".
Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond