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HydroMast biorobotics


The hydromast is a unique flow sensor designed for sensing the velocity magnitude and flow direction near surfaces.


The HydroCam is a rugged, multispectral underwater stereo camera system (6 MP). It is specially designed for easy installation and remote access and includes high-speed ethernet and 2G/3G/4G cellular modem.

HyrdoCan Manufacturig

Barotrauma Detection System

The Barotrauma Detection System (BDS) sensors are fault-tolerant sensors capable of travelling through hydropower turbines. They have been successfully deployed in other extreme environments as well including glaciers, pressure pipelines, waterfalls, over weirs and under gates. They are robust and designed to capture pressure and inertial information in the most extreme underwater conditions. Key features: fault-tolerant pressure sensors, with triple modular redundancy to check data quality of each individual measurement, absolute orientation of the sensor is recorded relative to gravity and magnetic North, self-calibrating pressure sensors (atmospheric) and inertial (accelerometer, magnetometer and rate gyro).