Tallinn University of Technology
HydroMast biorobotics


The hydromast is a unique flow sensor designed for sensing the velocity magnitude and flow direction near surfaces.


SafeToAct OÜ is an Estonian medical device startup founded in Tallinn in 2014 by Ph.D Maarja Kruusmaa, M.D. Ph.D Peeter Ross, and Ph.D Asko Ristolainen. Foundation of SafeToAct came from the realization the current training methods in the field of interventional medicine deserve innovation and can be significantly improved. We saw the need for better simulation tools and started prototyping our version of a 3D kidney replica, that we affectionately call the kidney phantom, with both affordability and high fidelity in mind.

water quality monitoring

Water quality monitoring

Explore our advanced water quality monitoring modules designed for remote and challenging environments. Equipped with essential water parameter sensors such as pH, temperature, salinity, ORP, and DO, our devices provide comprehensive data for accurate analysis. Powered by solar energy and featuring GSM-based communication modules, our solution ensures reliable data collection and transmission.