Tallinn University of Technology


Description: The HydroCam is a rugged, multispectral underwater stereo camera system (6 MP). It is specially designed for easy installation and remote access and includes high-speed ethernet and 2G/3G/4G cellular modem. A custom lighting system includes white, infrared and ultraviolet lights, providing the user with three different lighting options. 

Key features: 

  • Remote access to cameras (IR and color) and customizable event detection 

  • Adjustable, multispectral lighting can be set via timer and changed remotely by the user  

Sectors: underwater construction safety and insurance, fish migration studies, ecological monitoring and shallow water defence 

Purchasing / Research Use: Please contact Jeffrey Tuhtan (jeffrey.tuhtan@taltech.ee

Licensed Commercial Reseller (DE, CH, AT, NO, SE):  

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Reseller link: https://www.iamhydro.com/de/ausruestung/hydro-camerasystem.php