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Coming with family

Finding a job for your spouse

The most common ways to find a job in Estonia are with the help of friends, through newspaper advertisements, personnel search companies, Internet portals and with the help of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and its labour offices. Job offers and useful information on employment and living conditions in Estonia can also be found at EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal. The EURES (European Employment Services) consultants in Estonia work at the labour market offices.

For further information, refer to the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund website: http://www.tootukassa.ee/ or to the Estonian EURES website: https://ec.europa.eu/eures/

Useful job search portals:

Coming with kids: nursey schools and schools

In general, children stay at home until the age of 1.5 years. Until then families receive the parental benefit and one of the parents can stay home. Most day-care centres do not accept children younger than 1 year. Children under the age of 3 attend the day nurseries (mostly private) and the age of 3-7 nursery schools (municipal and private). Children start school at the age of 7.

In nursery schools the parents pay for the cost of meals as well as for a tuition fee. Additionally, babysitters can be found with the help of friends, agencies or through newspaper advertisements.

There are 5 local and 6 international nursey schools close to Tallinn University of Technology for children aged 2-7.

Please contact to International Staff Centre to get more information about nursey schools and schools. We will find the best solution for your family´s needs.