Tallinn University of Technology

International Staff Centre is under the Human Resources Department to support structural units in starting their employment with foreign workers, to provide the necessary assistance to foreign workers before and after their arrival in Estonia, and to enter and socialize at the university and in Estonia in general.

International Staff Centre helps with various issues related to settling in Estonia (D-visa, employee invitations, residence permit, registration of short-term employment), registration of residence, opening a bank account, ID-code, ID-card, tax residency, accommodation, etc.

In addition, the International Staff Centre coordinates in-house trainings which are held in English (didactics and pedagogy workshops/courses, cultural trainings, social and communicative skills trainings, language courses (English for level C1-C2, Estonian in level A1-B1), Introduction Day for International Staff. 

The international staff members are with over 40 nationalities:
Russia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, India, Finland, Ukraine, China, USA, France, Belarus, Japan, Lithuania, Denmark, Austria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Norway, Pakistan, Switzerland, Albania, Bangladesh, Canada, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Kazashtan, Kenya, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Sweden, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Iran, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands.

Get more aquainted to TalTech international staff members and read their experiences about living in Estonia and working at TalTech.

What is the best thing about living and working in Estonia?

Living and working in Estonia is very calm and easy to organise. Foreigners are well received and given every possibility to live and work in Estonia in peaceful environment. Absolutely fantastic level of technological development and e-services allows anyone coming here to adjust and integrate fast, would it be your work or living here in general. Furthermore, country is developing quite fast and there are various possibilities for one to grow and be more successful. Estonia was not very multicultural society before, but it is becoming such more and more every year and generally people are very tolerant towards other cultures.

How would you describe your career at TalTech?

I have been working at TalTech for more than five years now, as well as I have obtained my doctoral degree at this university. My career so far has been successful and I constantly grow in it. The main reasons for this are the possibilities that are regularly offered to use and the team I work in, which is highly professional and friendly team of Tallinn Law School, School of Business and Governance and TalTech in general. And even though, I hope my career will one day take me back home to Georgia, TalTech will always be a second home. 

Archil Chochia from Georgia, Consultant at TalTech, Faculty of Social Sciences