Tallinn University of Technology

Why TalTech?

Staff acknowledgement and motivation system

TalTech offers both material and non-material tokens of acknowledgement. To show high appreciaton, TalTech rewards the Distinguished Service Medal Mente et Manu (the highest recognition) and a 25-year service golden badge. Special recognition to outstanding staff is granted by the titles of the Scientist of the Year, the Best Young Scientist and the Best Teacher, as well as by the Best Scientific Article and the Best Applied Research Work.

Individual development and training

New staff will take a settling-in programme and if necessary, they can get guidance from the mentors. Teaching staff and doctoral candidates are offered individual development opportunities. At regular personal evaluation meetings, each member has an opportunity to choose from in-service training and level training programme for personal development.

Benefits and healthy lifestyle

TalTech provides modern ergonomic working conditions and a flexible schedule. The employee identification card ensures a number of benefits (reduced taxi rates, travelling, accommodation, financial services, etc.). TalTech Sports Hall offers various opportunities for regular exercise: track and field athletics, badminton, basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, the gym and the large hall for general training.

Joint activities and leisure time

TalTech promotes all-staff activities and a balanced work and family life. Traditional staff events are: TalTech anniversary celebrations, staff and children’s Christmas party, autumn picnic, spring picnic, celebration of the International Women’s Day, alumni autumn ball and other events. Worthy of special mention are staff birthday celebrations.

Staff and their families take an opportunity to enjoy successful performance of numerous TalTech sports teams (basketball, volleyball, floorball, etc.) and world famous athletes. Culture-inspired staff favour performances by the TalTech cultural groups: Academic Male Choir, Academic Female Choir, Chamber Choir, Alumni Female Choir, folk-dance group Kuljus, Brass Orchestra, TalTech BigBand, T-Theatre, and TalTech Cinema Club.