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Dental care

How can I visit a dentist?

Dental care in Estonia is subject to a fee for adults. However, dental care costs for all adults with health insurance can be reimbursed by up to 40 euros per year, but the recipient’s own contribution is 50% of the expenditure.

For example:

  • our dental bill: 60 euros
  • 50% paid by the patient: 30 eur
  • 50% paid by the Health Insurance Fund: 30 euros
  • *10 euros left to use for the same year

The benefit can be used only with dental clinics who are contracted for financing medical treatment with EHIF and it only applies to essential dental care services and will be calculated automatically by the dentist.

There are many dental clinics in Estonia offering services from orthodontics to dental surgery. You can find a list on the website of WhatClinic.