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Doctoral studies in business

The PhD Program in Business at the Department of Business Administration prepares interested individuals to be successful researchers or to advance in their chosen careers.  The increasing complexity of the world needs people who are able to conduct theoretically grounded and scientifically based research and also make decisions based on the latest research knowledge. Skills and competencies that are required in organisations of all kinds to address current and future challenges at an organisational or societal level. 

The doctoral programme in Business Administration enables multi-faceted research in areas such as sustainability, innovation, knowledge management, entrepreneurship, marketing and accounting, as well as other related topics. 

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  • Language of instruction and mode of study: English, full time
  • Tuition fee: Studies are free of charge and during the nominal period of study (4 years), the doctoral student - junior researcher is entitled to a gross monthly income from €2,300
  • Admission: TalTech admission requirements

Doctoral programme

The doctoral studies are free of charge. Access requirement for doctoral studies is a master's degree or a corresponding qualification, and upon successful completion of studies, the graduate will be awarded a PhD degree in Business.

Defended doctoral theses

The general aim of the study programme is to provide in-depth knowledge and research skills in business to individuals either pursuing an academic career or seeking career advancement. PhD students will acquire and deepen specific skills and competences needed for conducting independent research in a selected field of business (business administration).

The scientific education offered in the specialization promotes the United National Sustainable Development Goals; the goals 4 (Quality Education), 5 (Gender Equality), 8 (Decent work and economic growth), 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure), 11 (Sustainable cities and communities), 12 (Responsible consumption and production) and 17 (Partnerships for the goals) in particular.

After completing the programme, the student: 

  • has obtained a broad and systematic overview of contemporary research and debates in the field of business;
  • demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of his/her specific research topic;
  • defines research problems relevant in business and society, chooses appropriate research methods, and critically assesses the quality of solutions;
  • publishes research results in peer-reviewed international journals of high quality and communicates the relevance of the findings to other societal actors.

The doctoral programme comprises extensive research, university-wide general courses to support the research done by the PhD students and field-specific courses that can be chosen according to their research interests.

The courses are taught in English. PhD students are required to complete at least 30 ECTS points of course work. The compulsory course of the business speciality are Business Research, Entrepreneurship Theories, and Organisation Development and Managementis. In addition, a variety of courses can be selected from the transferable skills module. Research module contains all activates related to individual R&D or creative activities which contribute to the PhD thesis of the student. The volume of the research module is 210 ECTS.

Doctoral studies in Business is a flexible programme that is adaptable to individual person’s interests. The PhD students are encouraged to take courses and participate in winter and summer schools of the universities forming part of TalTech’s network.

The PhD students are also members of the department’s research groups, take part in seminars, give presentations at scientific conferences and have the opportunity of teach and/or supervise theses at the bachelor's and master's levels.

The PhD studies are finalized by a doctoral thesis that contributes to new knowledge of a timely and relevant research problem. The doctoral theses are supervised by internationally recognized researchers from the Department of Business Administration.

Forms of doctoral studies

At the Tallinn University of Technology you can obtain a PhD degree as:

  • Early Stage Researcher

  • Industrial Doctoral Student

  • Doctoral Student 

  • External Student

Forms of doctoral studies


Graduates of the doctoral program in Business will have acquired sought-after skills and competences to further careers inside and outside academia. 
The PhD degree in Business allows graduates to develop and execute informed decisions necessary for innovation and continued development by taking into account recent scientific knowledge in the field of Business. A doctoral programme also offers the great opportunity to build and/or expand an international network to work together on current and future business challenges and solutions.

Admission to the doctoral studies

Access requirements

Individuals who are willing and prepared to challenges themselves continuously in order to come up with novel ideas and knowledge that is based on sound and rigor research, are considered ideal candidates for doctoral studies.

The ideal candidate holds a master's degree in business administration, management or another related field of social sciences. Depending on the research topic, however, candidates from other disciplines are also welcome to apply for a student place in the doctoral studies.

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